The Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner: Odd Travel Photo

The Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner? WTF?

Today’s Odd Travel Photo is The Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner, from Jeff Jung of Career Break Secrets. I’ve written about some Funny Shopping Products found when travelling, but this one is also a cracker.

This product sounds like one of the ones that really grab your attention when you are walking around trying to find something that you really need. That’s because the product name strikes you as being totally inappropriate to the product being sold, or it’s a bizarre translation that didn’t quite go to plan, for example, the wonderful examples of Engrish that occur throughout the world.

Odd Travel Photo Time!

Jeff spotted this bizarre product line in one of the shelves at Walgreens in Texas. This one really had my head shaking!

The Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner - Odd Travel Photo

If you are wondering if there has been a potential mis-translation of names, there doesn’t seem to be one. Yes, the word in Spanish DOES equal the word in English.  But the Spanish do have another meaning for Placenta – which is related to the fruit and seeds of a plant, which I hope is the extract of The Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner! And not something that you find leftover after childbirth!

Jeff says ‘I’m not sure which marketing message I like best:

  • Professional formula
  • The extra 2 oz bonus
  • the shampoo is moisturizing
  • the conditioner is rejuvenating

So many ways you can go to write and interpret the caption. Enjoy!’

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Yes, I did enjoy this one.  Not sure if the marketing gurus ever thought of ‘Afterbirth Shampoo’. Maybe it’s just not the same as The Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner!

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  1. Nerja Spain Nerja Spain
    November 19, 2010    

    Placenta shampoo sounds gross, however maybe i’m wrong and it is moisturising and rejuvinating and whatever.

    Appaantly Tom Cruise cooked and ate the placenta of his son. Or maybe I just made that up. 😛

  2. Lola Lola
    November 9, 2011    

    It’s been widely known to be the best in resolving almost all types of skin problem and now it works the same way on hair problem. Placenta can give back the moisture and maybe it’s volume too. It may sound weird but definitely an effective remedy for hair loss problem.

  3. emilia emilia
    November 20, 2011    

    shampoo and conditoner is the best. try it is awsome having problem finding this item here in tn. it leave your hair smelling good and it true make your hair grow.

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