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Super Shots Time!

I recently gave my two bob worth’s of contributing a photo to the launch of Hostel Booker’s fun travel photo game called Super Shots which showcased 7 travel photos across 7 categories from 7 different travel bloggers.

Now, it’s time for me to look into my dodgey archives and somehow find 7 photos, and then nominating 5 of my poor fellow bloggers! Anyway, have a look.

Enjoy, and let me know which Super Shot is your personal favorite! Or if you think they’re all crap!

Super Shot 1 – The photo that…took my breath away

Iguazu Falls - Salto Bosetti

Anyone who has been to Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil would know how awesome they are. I had someone take this photo of me being drenched in about 0.2 seconds after foolishly wanting to have my photo taken next to Salto Bosetti, one of the many individual waterfalls. I will never forget this place, I loved it!

Super Shot 2 – The photo that…made me smile/laugh

Iconic Images - Cows In Indian Streets

One can never quite fathom the cows in Indian streets until you almost collide into one yourself. I had a good chuckle as I had to make way for this bovine pedestrian whilst I was walking on the footpath. Only in India.

Super Shot 3 – A photo that…makes me dream

This shot is taken at Bromo Volcano, in Java Indonesia. Yes, I’m standing right on the edge. This is what I love about travelling – cool places like this. However, this dream would have turned into a nightmare if I had fallen in!

Super Shot 4 – A photo that…makes me think

This makes me think that some people actually do manage to beat Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and manage to breed themselves. Yes, these signs are only put up for one reason – because some silly bugger has done what the sign has described!

Super Shot 5 – A photo that…makes my mouth water

Well, at first this photo made me water.  It’s some sort of satay based dish, of which most are yummy. And it smelt great when it came out! But upon closer inspection, this is an Indonesian dish called Rujak Cingur – Cows nose with Satay Sauce. Think meaty and crunchy at the same time! A bit hard to stomach, this one!

Super Shot 6 – A photo that…tells a story

Funny Postcard Venzone Italy Friuli

Yes, this one is unusual – this is a collection of mummies that were found underneath a chapel in northern Italy. One theory is that the bodies were preserved by alkaline floodwaters that ended up preserving the cadavers.  Another theory is that the soil type in the area also promotes body preservation. Anyway, this macabre collection of bodies makes the story as obvious as dog’s balls!

Super Shot 7 – A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

This summarises everything about Fiji in the South Pacific – sunset, beach, and sharing drinks with a few friends!

Join the Super Shots Game

1. Choose 7 of your own photos, one for each of the following categories I listed above.

2. Write a short description for each image.

3. Write somewhere in your blog post: ‘I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots‘.

4. Tell @hostelbookers you have participated and tweet the hashtag #7SuperShots

5. Nominate 5 other bloggers by including a link to their blog in your post.

Hostelbookers will be retweeting and sharing the best posts from participating travel bloggers.

Super Shot Nominations

It would be great to see some Super Shots from the following bloggers, so to each of the following I nominate you (or am I ‘volunteering’ you!) to post your own 7 Super Shots.

More Super Shot Stuff

For more Super Shots, check out National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Travel Photography.

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  1. February 21, 2012    

    Thanks for nominating me!!! Your Fiji shot is amazing… i am so excited to go there! Wow… now I need to start sorting through all my photos 😀

  2. August 8, 2012    

    awesome and amazing photos. I wonder how it feel on the crater of the volcano?

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