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Sumatran Food and Chili Cow Brains

Sumatran Food – It’s Hot!

I love Sumatran Food. I had my first taste of Sumatran Food during the Pesta Blogger 2008 trip through Indonesia.

It’s hard to describe because there is so much variety – and ‘spicy’ doesn’t really befit how this food tastes, because the ingredients used can vary so much – from fiery to sublime.
You don’t have to go to Sumatra to sample this delicious cuisine – although I’m about to!
In Jakarta, there is a place that specialises in Sumatran Food or tasty Nasi Padang dishes – it’s the Sari Bundo restaurant.  Here is a scene from their kitchen:

Sumatran Food Galore

My stomach almost burst when I tried to sample parts of the scores of dishes that were brought out with pride from the kitchen. Have a look at this photo below:
However, I was one of the few brave people to try the chilli cow brain. Actually, it was quite tasty, but a bit fatty – a bit like chilli soft tofu jelly.
Unfortunately, I had washed down the delicious feast with a combination of durian juice (a smelly tropical fruit) and a Bintang, the local beer – which meant the combination burps created a bizarre sickly sensation for the rest of the day not just for me, but for everyone that came within 5 metres of my mouth.

More Sumatran Food Stuff

If you’re hungry, check out Authentic Recipes from Indonesia.
I’m looking forward to eating more of this Sumatran Food during the Air Asia Pesta Blogging Communities Trip!
I might have to check myself in as excess baggage the next time I fly!

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  1. September 28, 2009    

    food tastes vary widely in sumatera, other regions also another flavor. That’s culinary riches in sematera Indonesia.
    Our Community Blogger Pekanbaru (Blogger Bertuah) will present it all for you …
    ok, we wait for his arrival in pekanbaru

  2. September 29, 2009    

    I love Indonesia as a country, but Sumatran food in general and nasy padang in particular is a bridge to far! I had a table full with a variety of such dishes and I didn’t find a single one that didn’t completely burn my intestines! I don’t know how they manage to make even the core of a hard boiled egg extremely hot and spicy, but they do.

  3. September 29, 2009    

    I admit that Indonesian foods are no 1 on Earth. Indonesian food influences from all around the world and combined it into one tasty dish. I hope you can enjoy your time in Indonesia.

  4. eKa eKa
    October 28, 2009    

    aaarrrrggh, you had durian with alcohol!!! don’t do this next time because I heard it can cause fatal effect, it can kill! But I also heard that bintang beer is not intoxicating at all? like you can drink a lot and not get drunk, hehehe.

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