Solomon Islands Diving and Snorkelling Photos To Get You Wet!

Here you go, here’s one for the divers out there. And you’ll be relieved there are no farting in a wetsuit jokes involved here!

I’m more of a snorkeller than a diver, but from what I could see with a mask and a set of flippers made me want to be a bit more serious when I went for multiple swims in the very beautiful and spectacular Solomon Islands.

There’s world class diving here. The snorkelling alone was gobsmacking amaze balls. For example,┬ásnorkelling along a drop off that went down a couple of hundred metres and went for ages, with colourful coral everywhere and fish swimming all around you.

And there’s no one else around to disturb this tranquility either!

However, I was lucky enough to chat to Linda who kindly provided me with some of the photos from her Solomon Islands Diving Adventures, and I went ‘holy crap’, I want to do this.

These photos are taken from dive sites that you can access from Gizo Township and surrounds – that is, after you’ve gone shopping at the Okay Store!

Solomon Islands Diving Photos – WOW!

First of all, I’ll start off with the World War 2 wrecks.

There are gazillions of World War 2 wrecks to check out. There are 52 alone just off the coast of the capital, Honiara. The place is nicknamed ‘Iron Bottom Sound’ because of how much scrap metal is resting at the bottom of the ocean there.

But near Gizo, there’s a great wreck called the Toa Maru – which was a Japanese transport ship that was sunk in 1943.

It’s now resting on the starboard side. Even after almost 75 years, the masts are still attached to the hull.

But it’s also loaded full of stuff such as motobikes and sidecars, tanks, and of course, sake bottles!

There’s even still lots of gear left intact on the ship that you can still inspect close up.

A bit further east is the wreck of a Hellcat plane that was ditched gently in 1943, so it’s in pretty good condition.

It’s in about 8 metres of water so you could actually snorkel this one, depending on how long you can hold your breath for!

There there’s big Gorgonian Fan corals and fish action near Gizo.

Then there is the spectacular marine life, such as this Lionfish spotted on top of the Toa Maru wreck. Don’t piss this guy off!

Then you might just see a big school of Mobula Manta Rays just swim past you!

Solomon Islands Diving and Snorkelling Photos

Looks bloody terrible, doesn’t it!

I think I need to get my diving ticket so I can go back to the Solomon Islands and do this myself and take my own underwater pics!

Anyway, if this tickles your fancy, check out more about Scuba Diving at the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau page!

It might be a bit of an effort to get there, but you’re not going to be fighting with loads of people to get access to some brilliant dive sites!

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  1. September 24, 2017    

    Anthony these pics are amazing! I must put the Solomon Islands on my to-dive list!

  2. Dan Dan
    September 25, 2017    

    Incredible diving – can’t wait to hit up the Solomon Islands on my Oceania tour!

    • September 25, 2017    

      I’ve never heard anyone say it was rubbish! I met people who were back for more!

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