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Rodeo Drive – Include Plastic Surgery With Your Expensive Shopping

Rodeo Drive – Plastic Surgery Myths Confirmed

This post about Rodeo Drive just adds to the stereotype that Hollywood is full of Plastic Surgery affected people who don’t have anything better to do apart from blowing a tonne of money worth the GDP of an entire Pacific Island Nation on things they really don’t need.

I just love it when I find a stereotype turns out to be actually true! I get a real kick of ticking off all of the stereotypes that are projected in the media. Because a lot of the time, it’s a load of crap, but the odd true one turns out to be quite funny.

Rodeo Drive Los Angeles Sign California

Many visitors to Los Angeles would be familiar with the Expensive Shopping (sometimes, requring an appointment – you can’t just walk off the street and browse!) that is available on Rodeo Drive. Some people might blow enough money in one trip that would be more than most house mortgages around the world.

And this expensive strip of real estate has appeared in many self-indulgent Hollywood Movies about Los Angeles that are churned out each year so that the masses can digest this light form of entertainment!

Rodeo Drive Images and Pictures

Rodeo Drive

As an example, many stores show photos of previous clients, including former United States Presidents.

Not that this is a fact to be that proud about sometimes….

Rodeo Drive Fashion

However, if you veer off the side of the street, you’ll come across this very amusing Plastic Surgery sign!

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

That’s right, after you’ve blown the Gross Domestic Product on a pair of shoes, you can then touch up your visual imperfections with a shot of botox or a facelift at this Plastic Surgery joint! There is nothing like placing your business where the market demand is! Bravo!

Myth Confirmed!

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  1. places Los Angeles places Los Angeles
    February 16, 2011    

    Where else can you find that kind of convenience?!?

    Funny article – Thanks

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