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Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Funny Grave Site and Head Stone

Recoleta Cemetery – A Buenos Aires Icon with Funny Grave Sites!

Recoleta Cemetery is an amazing collection of mausoleums in the suburb (or barrio) of the same name in the fantastic city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argentina is an awesome country, especially in relation to it’s steak!

Today’s Funny Travel Photo is from Luciano Bullorsky of Cultura Cercana (he’s also on Facebook). Luciano is a local guide from Buenos Aires who takes you to the places the guidebooks don’t talk about!  I’ll catch up with him the next time I’m in Buenos Aires!

Anyway, I’ve been to the Recoleta Cemetery before – it’s where Evita is buried.  But I never noticed this Funny Grave Site and Head Stone which Luciano told me about.

Recoleta Cemetery – Funny Head Stone

What’s unusual about this photo?

Well, the statues are of a man and wife. And they look like they hate each other’s guts!

Luciano says ‘I like showing people this grave site – A man sitting in his sofa looking serious into the horizon and a woman is seated in another one, in his back, but they are looking into opposites sites.  They are placed like that because he died first, so the family made his Mausoleum. Some years after, when his wife died too, in her testament she asked to be placed in that way so as to represent their marriage: they spent their last 30 years without speaking a word…they hated each other. So when I always show this to my passengers they have fun, enjoy the story and usually they joke.’

I thought this was a rather extreme way to display how bad one’s marriage is, but it’s piss funny!

Luciano also added a funny anecdote relating to this Funny Grave Site ‘one day I was with a couple of 60s. They were like a little bit serious and it was becoming difficult to establish a connection, with positive energies, smiles or whatever. So I was waiting for this part (i.e. the Funny Grave Site) to broke the respect and serious behaviour. After telling them the story their was a silence…10 seconds, 20 seconds…and nothing. Nobody laughed and the man asked me to take them to the hotel. I asked them many times what was wrong and I said say sorry in many languages and got no answer. When we were outside the cemetery looking for the car…they started laughing at me..and after some minutes of intense laughter the man told me…It was just that my wife is in a hurry and wants to go to the bathroom, it was the best way of going out quickly.’

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So there you go, next time you go to Recoleta Cemetery, don’t visit Evita – visit the grave of the couple who hate each other in death as much as they did in life!

This is almost as funny as this guide on How To Clean Headstones!

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  1. The Jetpacker The Jetpacker
    August 9, 2010    

    We just wrote up a post on Recoleta Cemetery, but instead of the graves, we were more interested the friendly stray cats that welcome visitors. 🙂

  2. August 23, 2010    

    Recoleta made me extremely sad and I had to get out right after seeing Evita’s grave. I felt death around me more so than any other cemetery, no doubt because of the above-the-ground mausoleums and I never want to re-visit this part of Buenos Aires…

  3. October 12, 2010    

    For the amount of time they’re spending angry at one another at least they’ll have an absolutely amazing make-up when it happens!

  4. October 24, 2010    

    Or visit the grave of the woman who was buried alive, her grave is very close to Evita’s.

  5. David@plasticbags David@plasticbags
    December 1, 2010    

    Thats kinda strange O_O, why does He have a chair and she have no arms lol

  6. January 5, 2011    

    lol wow thats funny

  7. April 30, 2011    

    That’s how it was in the old days cos divorce was not an option.

  8. November 20, 2012    

    I think he liked to relax a lot on the chair that’s why he got the chair.

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