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Montserrat Barcelona. The Monastery That’s Your Last Resort

Montserrat Barcelona Bizarre Monastery

Montserrat Barcelona is a mountain located on the outskirts of this great Spanish city that possesses a Benedictine Monastery.

Montserrat was also the rock source for some sections of the famous La Sagrada Familia church that’s been under construction for decades and doesn’t look like finishing soon.

The structural engineers who designed and built the Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat, Barcelona ignored the laws of gravity, creating a place of worship entrenched in the side of the mountain.

This photo is self explantory!

Montserrat Barcelona - Monastery

It was built there marking the site of an apparition of the Black Virgin, or La Moreneta.

The La Moreneta statue there is a wooden sculpture of Mary with the baby Jesus, and has been Catalonia’s official ‘patron saint’ since 1881.

Montserrat Barcelona - The Black Virgin

However, La Moreneta is also the place where desperate Catalonians leave offerings to somehow please the Black Virgin into making their sometimes miserable lives just a little bit better.

One of my Spanish mates called Robert took me to Montserrat, Barcelona to have a look.

‘Have a look inside, it is really bizarre,’ Roberto commented.

‘What do you mean Roberto?’ I replied with a ‘what the hell?’ tone.

‘Just go inside, you will see what I mean.’

We opened the heavy wooden door revealing a collection of items resembling an enormous garage sale.

There were wedding gowns from spinsters wishing for marriage, motorcycle helmets from passed-on loved ones, prosthetic limbs from amputees wishing their arms or legs to grow back, and family pictures and baby clothes offered in the hope of conceiving children.

Have a look – this is not a joke!

Montserrat Barcelona - Inside Chapel

The items were placed there by desperate people who had nowhere else to go after science and society failed them, praying to the Virgin for a change in fortune.

I placed an old boarding pass there and wished that I could be a full time professional traveller.

I’m still waiting.

More Montserrat Barcelona Stuff

You can see more in this print of Monastery of Montserrat, Near Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

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  1. Chinamatt Chinamatt
    December 2, 2009    

    Any idea how the tradition of asking for such things came about? Someone must’ve had a miracle prayer answered.

    The monastery reminds me of the a little Buddhist temple I came across on the side of a mountain in Songpan, China.

  2. December 15, 2009    

    Very Stunning place From here we found our way to the Basilica. There is no admission charge to the church, but donations seem to be accepted. The basilica is beautiful! There are many ornate shrines to different Catholic saints and everything seems to be covered in a rich gold.

  3. confused confused
    February 10, 2010    

    great pictures of Montserrat, would love to visit and see the monastery, crazy structure, must have taken ages to build.
    .-= confused´s last blog ..Leon – A Jewel in Spain set amongst the Cantabrian Mountains… =-.

  4. non surgical liposuction non surgical liposuction
    April 2, 2010    

    wow! that’s an interesting find! 🙂

    Wonder how the monastery has remained intact all these years!
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    • Charlie99 Charlie99
      April 6, 2010    

      Thats very beautiful indeed. Reminds me of how exotic and stunning parts of Turkey are, especially Istanbul Turkey Holidays

  5. Eddy Lao,M.D. Eddy Lao,M.D.
    May 29, 2010    

    Monastery of Our Lady Of montserrat was the highlight of my visit to Barcelona about a month ago. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is visiting Barcelona. The view is fantastic. The choir boys angelic voices lifted my spirit. I want to go back to this monastery again and again. God bless to all.

  6. June 29, 2010    

    Beautiful place. God is holy, and we are not. That about sums up humanity today. Peace!

  7. vintage dresses vintage dresses
    July 29, 2010    

    I think I’d be too afraid to visit. It sounds ridiculous but I would not like to be perched on the edge of a mountain. But I bet it has the most amazing views. I guess it’s a good place for monastery, very quiet and not easy to reach.

  8. Sabrina - boston wedding photography Sabrina - boston wedding photography
    August 10, 2010    

    I went to Benedictine Schools from elementary until college and I naturally found your post initially interesting. Things got way better when I got to the last part.

    If given the chance to visit the monastery — and I really wish I could — I’d leave behind a stethoscope … and wish for a lifetime of good health for my precious little girl. 🙂

  9. Karen@boston wedding photographer Karen@boston wedding photographer
    September 2, 2010    

    Barcelona will be our next stop for a trip this coming December. I will surely visit the Monastery. And since I just learned from your post that we cam leave something for a wish, I will leave my wedding card invitation for a happy family.

  10. DT DT
    November 8, 2010    

    It’s not a superstitious wish thing, it is also thanks for answered prayers. i left my wedding dress there and was told that after a month or so it is donated to charity.

  11. January 18, 2011    

    Wow! What a place. Had seen similar places on documentaries from Greece but was not familiar with this monastery. Beautiful photography and interesting post, thank you for sharing your insights. Neat place to visit and agree that the construction must have been challenging. TheGourmetCoffeeGuy

  12. Prices in Pakistan Prices in Pakistan
    May 28, 2011    

    soooo nice place!

  13. free paid surveys free paid surveys
    June 7, 2011    

    What an absolute stunning place.

  14. December 16, 2011    

    oh.very nice place. it will be any religion place i think.

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