Malaysian Cuisine and Dishes at Ipoh Laksa – Pig Out Time!

Malaysian Cuisine Galore!

Woo hoo. Malaysian Food Pig Out time Number 3! After my chat with Adam Liaw about what Malaysian Cuisine is about, and scoffing down enough at Malaya Corner and Treasure House to ensure I’m well on my way to a shonky reality TV show involving losing a tonne of weight via death by exercise, I went to Ipoh Laksa for another giant hit to the waistline.

Malaysian Cuisine Dishes Ipoh Laksa

Some Malaysian Cuisine and Dishes I Tried Out

Unfortunately, the Malaysian Cuisine at Ipoh Laksa is forcing me to consider attempting a marathon just to work off the great food I had there! I tried some different stuff when compared to the previous two establishments I had tried out, so check out what made the scary journey to my stomach below.

Some of these sound unusual to the western palate on first hearing, but when you start chowing down, the flavour hits start to grab you!

First of all, there’s Lobak – marinated pork and prawn rolls fused together and fried. Having pig and prawn together creates a totally new flavour when compared to having these two proteins on their own.

Lobak - Marinated Pork and Prawns

Secondly, skewered Satay Chicken. Fairly more-ish. Very strong peanut aftertaste, but tastes way better than spreading peanut butter on a piece of chicken!

Chicken Satay Skewers

Then, there was the Roti Cani – a home made bread that is eaten with your choice of curry. The Roti Bread is delicious enough to eat on it’s own, but I really enjoy it when mixing it in with the lamb curry that came with it. The Roti is an example of the Indian influence on Malaysian Cuisine, and is just one of the many aspects that creates a multitude of tasty dishes.

Roti Canai - Malaysian Lamb Curry

After letting out my belt another notch, the Assam Prawns came. These are spicy chili prawns that explode in your mouth. If you like seafood, you will definitely love having prawns this way.

Assam Prawns - Malaysian Food

After committing the sin of gluttony, dessert plonked it’s way on the table. First of all, Pilut Hitam, or Black Gluten Pudding – which can be served hot or cold. The dark bits you see below are sticky rice, and this is surrounded by a viscous coconut cream. Mix them together and you have rice heaven!

Pulut Hitam

And to top this off – Malaysian Peanut Cake. Which is like a pancake coated with peanuts and syrup. After this, I had to roll to the car to make my way home!

Malaysian Peanut Pancake with Ice Cream

The one thing that strikes me about Malaysian Cuisine is just how diverse it can be – and that’s just not from this sitting! I’m having a greater appreciation for the different dishes that are available, and I’m not sick of Malaysian Food at all!

But don’t take it from me, someone who is being a try-hard food reviewer 🙂 Ricky Chow, the owner of Ipoh Laksa, was happy to chat about Malaysian Cuisine and what it’s all about. Check it out below.

He explains the different influences that make Malaysian Cuisine what it is.

Thanks Ricky!

More Malaysian Cuisine Stuff

After drooling at the Malaysian Cuisine at Ipoh Laksa, check out Flavours of Malaysia: A Journey Through Time, Tastes, and Traditions.


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  1. October 31, 2011    

    Mate good review, i will have to check out this place next time I’m in QLD i guess! I’m not sure if you previously tried the laksa there, but let me know if it’s worth the trip! I generally like any place with ‘laksa’ in the name though… That Black Gluten Pudding is pretty rad, I’m not sure if I’ve had a slightly different version, but the sticky rice is actually like a dark wild rice for anyone who has only has the more translucent, white sticky rice… I think the ones I had, had some red beans in them too.

    If you are travelling through Sydney anytime soon hit up Brooke(vstheWorld) or me & we can go to a couple of our favourite Malaysian places in Syd!

    • November 1, 2011    

      Sounds great! Didn’t try the laksa there, but all of the food was sensational. Wanting to go back there soon for another feed! Will definitely take you up on the offer when I’m in Sydney next!

  2. August 10, 2012    

    This will come in handy! I’ve just started planning a short trip to Malaysia, but know very little about the layout, food and culture. Now I have an idea of what to order! Cheers

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