Japanese Food, Cuisine, Recipes and Restaurants – Octopus Lollipops!

Japanese Food and Cuisine Time!

As with any country that I visit, one of the highlights is to sample the local cuisine and food to see what it’s all about – and see how similar or different it is to that you mind find available at home. And Japanese Food and Cuisine is no exception. As mentioned in a previous posts about Plastic Food Displays in Japan, you really don’t need to know Japanese at all to eat out at restaurants. You just go outside and point out what you want, and there is a fairly high percentage you are ordering something delicious that is not offal! Or something else that’s unpalatable for Western diets!

I really loved walking around the almost countless markets in all of the different cities, just checking out all of the amazing range, and sometimes unusual bits of food that I’ve never identified before in my life!

Japanese Cuisine - Kyoto Markets

I ate a crapload of food on my G Adventures trip to Japan. And one thing about it is that it’s incredibly healthy, both simple and complex, tasty, and sometimes borders into the little bit unusual.

Most of us would be familiar with sushi. But Japanese Food is much more than eating food that’s moving around on a sushi train.

There are some great noodle, meat and vegetarian dishes. Seafood is also a big part of the diet. Go to any market in any city or town and you’ll find an awesome range of meat from the sea!

Seafood - Japanese Market

But you can buy all sorts of food – like raw fish on a stick!

Or how about an octopus lollipop. This one had a hard boiled quail egg inserted inside its head and tasted great – if you like octopus!

Japanese Food and Restaurants - Octopus Lollipops

Yummo! This actually tasted not too bad despite appearances, even though I have a silly face!

More Japanese Food and Cuisine Stuff

If you now have a yearning for Japanese Food, check out Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook.

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  1. Japan food fan Japan food fan
    September 16, 2012    

    Haven’t tried the octopus lollipops! But might have to now!

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