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Inspirational Quotes – Nah, it’s Travel Demotivators Time!

Yay! It’s time to take the piss!

One of my favourite sites is Despair – which is the site that produces those funny Demotivator quotes you see flying around your Inbox.

Their catchphrase is that they are ‘the cure for hope’.

Do ‘Inspirational Quotes’ really inspire people?

But really, they like poking fun at those motivational quotes that seem to infiltrate many offices around the world that corporate visionaries stick on the wall in the vain hope of inspiring staff to do more work!

The thing with demotivators is the reason that they’re funny is because they are close to the truth.

There are all sorts of demotivators around covering a load of subjects, so what I’ve done is scoured the internet to come up with some¬†funny travel related demotivators, some of which sit along side some of the funny travel quotes I’ve featured before!

Here we go!

Air Travel

Air Travel

I think I may have flown on this plane!

Demotivational - Aeroplanes


Travel Demotivators

OMG, the Pokemon Plane!


Angry Birds

I can’t wait for the above photo to become an app!



I can’t see this one making the glossy brochures any time soon!


If you don’t like the government, go live in a place that doesn’t have one!



‘I’m Sorry, but Kanye was the best backpacker of all time!’

Hitchhiking and Travel

Nowhere in particular is a destination!

Going on Holiday to do sod all

Vacation Despair

Funny Travel Signs

Funny Travel Signs

Maybe Kanye needs to visit here?

Geo Location

I’m buying one right now!

Travel and Sport


Go on. Become a Darwin Award winner!

Time Travel

Time Travel

You can reach the really shiny time travel continuum with this cheap Time Machine!

Travel Blogging

Inspirational Quotes

HA HA HA HA HA HA! So true…. But I was going to caption this one with ‘I can’t believe how crap the Wi-Fi is out here!’

There you go. I’m sure there are craploads more of these ‘inspirational quotes’ floating around the expanse called the internet that are awaiting your eyeballs!

But if you want to find more, then Let Me Google That For You – Travel Demotivators!

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  1. July 13, 2015    

    Hahaha those funny photos, make me laugh

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