Funny Shopping Products Found When Travelling

Funny Shopping Products Time!

Spotting Funny Shopping Products is a favourite pastime of mine when I go travelling around the world. There is something perversely funny about coming across a seemingly harmless product that you would buy at home everyday without batting an eyelid, and having a giggle at something that has obviously been mis-translated for a humorous effect.

When travelling, I like the little nuances of each place, and the sometimes odd translations that occur – which can lead to discovering some Funny Shopping products that have names that are hilarious, downright offensive, and sometimes, downright impossible to understand.

You can find heaps of Funny Shopping Products on a funny website called Engrish. I could spend all day here having a chuckle at all of the bizarre interpretations of English there!

Anyway, these Funny Shopping Pics were sent to me as a joke ages ago via an email from a friend.  I had a good belly laugh, so I decided to pass them on to you for your enjoyment while you are bored at work and doing bugger all by surfing the internet all day!

Sometimes, things don’t translate very well into English… so here we go!

Funny Shopping Product Photos

Honestly, the spell or grammar checker obviously was not used for most of these!

What other Funny Shopping Products have you found on your travels?  Leave a comment with a link if you have come across some! Share the love with a few laughs!

More Funny Shopping Product Pics

You can find more weird stuff at Weird World (Bradt Guides). By the way, if you are a travel blogger who has come across signs similar to this, I am happy to feature them here and link back to you. Your funny photos may not necessarily meet your niche, but they would definitely meet mine! So keep sending them through!

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  1. March 18, 2010    

    Have you found Funny Shopping Products in Indonesia

    • March 18, 2010    

      I did, stay tuned, they will be coming out soon!

  2. laura laura
    March 20, 2010    

    This is hilarious – my favourite must be the cock soup!

  3. March 23, 2010    

    That “fart” one is funny as hell!
    .-= Strange´s last blog ..Funny Animals sitting in the Loo! =-.

  4. Peter Peter
    April 13, 2010    

    Well each time i’m travelling i’m buying some local goods. My kids love all those gadgets 🙂
    .-= Peter´s last blog ..California Travel and Tourism Information =-.

  5. Allison Yarnall Allison Yarnall
    April 17, 2010    

    This cool post. I like it. Thanks for sharing article.

  6. April 21, 2010    

    Hahaha these are hilarious!!! I’ve come across a few funny ones in my time, i’ll have to put them up and give you the link. I really like the KICKAPOO drink in Malaysia!!! It didn’t taste like poo which was a real relief!!!

  7. Pedro Pedro
    May 8, 2010    

    Nice Website … Oh also digged!

  8. nike shox nike shox
    May 14, 2010    

    I really like the KICKAPOO drink in Malaysia!!! It didn’t taste like poo which was a real relief!!!

  9. Stylish Shopper Stylish Shopper
    May 16, 2010    

    These products are quite weird, but maybe because we’re not accustomed to their products.

    take a look at this

    • May 16, 2010    

      Ice Cream and Soda. Enough to make my stomach churn!

  10. Kemberly Mendler Kemberly Mendler
    May 24, 2010    

    Hu Flung Dung: Which one of you fertilized the field?

  11. Sadie Obermoeller Sadie Obermoeller
    May 24, 2010    

    Ai Bang Mai Ne: I bumped into the coffee table

  12. Naz Naz
    June 16, 2010    

    Hahaha I never thought of this kind of stuff. You are great mate and thanks for making me laugh. Jussipussi. Nice one!

  13. Rosana Pottichen Rosana Pottichen
    July 19, 2010    

    Good article cheers for the info.

  14. October 19, 2010    

    I can understand why you had a good laugh when watching these pictures, they are hilarious and who ever gather them up was a shopping genius. This just goes to show that shopping can indeed be fun but also that cultural differences had their saying in these mistakes.

  15. October 19, 2010    

    Most hilarious post I have ever seen,,a big Looool for that!!

  16. Comparison Shopping Ireland Comparison Shopping Ireland
    November 7, 2010    

    Good one, ‘shito mix’ is my favorite one.

  17. David@plasticbags David@plasticbags
    December 1, 2010    

    lol wow that “shito” was hilarious. who would sell this stuff?

  18. Funny pranks Funny pranks
    December 7, 2010    

    Mini Dickmann’s is without debate the most ridiculous (unless you are a man).

  19. Ha! ‘Bum Bum Banana’ and ‘Jussi Pussi’ are clearly the best!


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