European Football Championship Fever in Germany – Makes The Urinal!

European Football Takes A ‘New Direction’

I visited Germany during the time of Euro 2012 – the European Football (or soccer) championships. When I wasn’t hanging around my 9flats apartment in Cologne, I went out with a couple of friends to (over) sample a few great German beers, and take in the odd game.

Germany has a pretty good team, and rightly so, and the Germans are mad keen to see their team win. I experienced this first hand in Berlin when they won 4-2 over Greece. The locals were letting off fireworks in the street after EVERY goal, and I think they let their entire firecracker inventory after the full time siren!

But, maybe they are taking their passion for the national team just a little bit too far..

When you combine their passion for European Football, and solving the problem of making men aim straight in the toilet, the Germans have found a unique, entertaining, and passionate way to minimise the cleaning areas of most janitors..

Here is a photo one of my friends took when he had to relieve himself of natures call in a Cologne pub…

European Football Championship 2012 Fever Cologne Germany

Is this really ‘taking the piss’ out of soccer?

That’s right, it’s a football pitch, complete with a ready made goal to encourage men to aim for the goal posts when they are half pissed full of beer!

I actually really admire the notion of ‘German Efficiency’ and this is just another superb example!

I love it.

By the way, my mate isn’t some sort of dodgy character that takes photos of piss troughs all day!

But if you have a passion for urinals, check out the Waterfall Urinal near Las Vegas!

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  1. August 4, 2012    

    This is a good idea…until an Italian enters the bathroom. Then every single German will suddenly lose the ability to hit the net and basically piss everywhere but the urinal.

  2. August 6, 2012    

    Good idea. Makes you wanna copy it for a household full of men too… Though I doubt that helps make the goal if ever a drunkard needs to relieve himself 🙂

  3. August 6, 2012    

    Wait. Wouldn’t men try to put the ball into the net? This might cause more harm than good! 😛

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