Castaway Movie – Visit The Island Where Tom Hanks Liked Wilson The Volleyball in Fiji

Castaway Movie – was not shot on Castaway Island!

For the movie buffs out there who enjoyed the Castaway Movie, ironically, the movie was not shot on Castaway Island which is located in the Fiji Islands.

Instead, the Castaway Movie was shot on little known and uninhabited Monuriki Island, which is shown below.

Castaway Movie Film Location: Fiji

Castaway Movie

In terms of the movie logistics, the film crews had to make a couple of trips to Monuriki Island for the filming of the Castaway Movie.

Firstly, when Tom Hanks was relatively ‘fat’ immediately after the ‘plane crashed’, and afterwards when he had to lose a few pounds at the gym to give the impression he had been stranded on a remote South Pacific Island for a few years.

Anyway, Monuriki Island is a short boat trip away from Tokoriki Island Resort, which is located in the Mamanuca Group of islands in Fiji.

They ofter a short half day tour here so you can relive some of the scenes and check out how Hollywood managed to make a movie where there was hardly any talking into a massive blockbuster!

As part of the experience, the ‘HELP’ sign made from coconuts is still regularly maintained for photographs!

Help Castaway movie

Other interesting movie sights include the area where Tom Hank’s character buried one of the Fedex pilots.

Castaway Island

However, if you’re looking for any remnants of Wilson The Volleyball, he was bought by the Chief Executive Officer of Fedex for about $USD25,000, so he’s probably in a glass case somewhere in a corporate office in the United States.

Anyway, if you really love the Castaway Movie, you know where to go to visit the actual point on the planet where Tom Hanks almost fell in love with Wilson!

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If you want to see the Castaway Movie again to relive these memories, check out Cast Away (Widescreen Edition).

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  1. Lost! Lost!
    March 25, 2013    

    I want to be marooned there!

  2. Larry Cregger Larry Cregger
    January 20, 2017    

    I wanted to see a sequel with the girl he delivered the package to. Starting at the crossroads, endless possibilities!

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