Bucket Seats – The Chinese and Literal Version

Today’s Funny Travel Photo was sent to me as a joke via email. It’s about some funny Bucket Seats. I’m not talking about some interior reclining sports car specialised device that is installed as an after market addition to your high powered car! No, this kind of seat is way more simpler than that and more widely available!

And when I mention the term Bucket Seats, I literally mean, Bucket Seats. Not sure who took this, but I had a giggle at how this photo comes across upon the first view. It looks like it was taken from within a bus. For all I know, it could be completely doctored and false, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was an unaltered photo either after seeing many examples around the world of people greatly exceeding the engineering capacity of their vehicles!

The Funny Bucket Seat Photo!

Here it is! Try not to laugh!

Bucket Seats For Sale - Chinese Version

Unfortunately, this situation is a common sight and reality all throughout the third world. Health and safety officers of the western world would normally have a heart attack after viewing an image like this!

Most people can barely afford a motorbike, let alone a car, so this scene comes under my series of Masters of Transport and Logistics.

This is where either large amounts of people or things are miraculously transported on devices that are way beyond the engineering capacity of the vehicle.

My previous salutes to these Masters includes How To Ride A Bike with an Ox, The Auto Rickshaw, and the Satellite Transporter. These examples are all miracles, so maybe the Vatican should nominate all of these people to become the next Saints! They’ve impressed me!

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  1. November 24, 2010    

    Not sure whether to be amused or appalled!

    Happy travels!!

  2. December 1, 2010    

    if you got release forms from everyone on the motorbie then i think you have a great photo to market!!

  3. Voos baratos Voos baratos
    December 22, 2010    

    I have to agree with Red Nomad! it is funny but than it is very dangerous. travelling to these countries only makes us realize that we are very lucky. i wouldn’t put all those guys in my car, can’t imagine in a moto…

  4. Voos baratos Voos baratos
    December 22, 2010    

    i was looking better to your picture and it looks fake… the baby and the bucket are montage!!! nice one anyway

  5. February 2, 2011    

    I’ve seen this in Thailand many times, but this one takes the cake. Love the baby in the bucket and hope he’s still alive.

  6. July 23, 2012    

    I’ve witnessed a lot of whole families squeezed onto a motorbike, but this is definitely the largest collection of people on a single bike I’ve ever seen. I guess they don’t have any pets though. Or maybe there’s another bucket on the other side.

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