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Beer Index

Beer Index – A bit different from ‘Beer Of The Month!’

Everyone’s heard of the ‘Big Mac Index’ – where the affordability of a country is expressed as the price of a Big Mac.  It’s irrelevant to me, I don’t like Big Macs.  I’d rather eat a large pie filled with warthog (which I’ve done in South Africa!).

However, I’d rather use a more useful index, such as my own ‘Beer Index‘ – something that most people can understand.   Unfortunately, beer does not come in a ‘standard global size’, so some calculations are required to obtain an accurate unit price.

However, just for you, I’ve been a big nerd and have worked out the price of beer per litre, in Australian dollars.  Here is the first Beer Index I created (prices were correct at the time when I tried them), and does not represent the entire suite of beers that I’ve sampled throughout my travels – I’ll add more to the list when I travel to a new place!

You can fine more Beer related articles below:

Ranking Country Beer Volume Local Currency Australian Currency Price per litre ($AUD)
1st Argentina Quilmes 970 ml 1.2 Pesos Argentinos $0.60 $0.62
2nd Kazakhstan Tyan Shan 1000 ml 100 Tenge $0.90 $0.90
3rd Zimbabwe Zambezi Lager 375 ml 300 Zimbabwe Dollars $0.50 $1.33
4th Bolivia Pacena 375 ml 3 Bolivianos $0.60 $1.60
5th Philippines San Miguel 375ml Philippine Pesos $0.66 $1.75
6th Uruguay FNC Pilsen 375 ml Pesos Uruguayos $0.70 $1.87
7th Indonesia Bin Tang 375 ml 6000 Rupiah $0.76 $2.03
8th Namibia Windhoek 375 ml 6 Namibian Dollars $0.80 $2.13
9th South Africa Castle Lager 375 ml 6 Rand $0.80 $2.13
10th Swaziland Amstel 375 ml 6 Lilangeni $0.80 $2.13
11th Portugal Super Bock Green 375 ml 0.5 Euros $0.80 $2.13
12th Turkey Efes Pilsen 600 ml 1.5 Million Turkish Lira $1.50 $2.50
13th Chile Cristal 375 ml 430 Pesos Chilenos $1.00 $2.66
14th Peru Cusqena 375 ml 5 Nuevo Soles $1.23 $3.28
15th Brazil Skol 375ml 2 Reais $1.31 $3.49
16th Kenya Tusker 375 ml 100 Kenyan Shillings $1.67 $4.44
17th Malawi Kuche Kuche 375 ml 200 Malawi Kwacha $1.79 $4.76
18th Zambia Mosi Lager 375 ml 8000 Zambian Kwacha $1.91 $5.10
19th Tanzania Kilimanjaro Lager 375 ml 2000 Tanzanian Shillings $1.93 $5.14
20th Morocco Stork 375 ml 12 Dirham $2.00 $5.33
21st Egypt Stella Local 375 ml 8 Egyptian Pounds $2.00 $5.33
22nd Botswana Black Label Lager 375 ml 6 Pula $3.00 $8.00
23rd New Zealand Speights 375 ml 4 New Zeland Dollars $3.08 $8.21
24th Austria Gosser 375ml 2 Euros $3.20 $8.53
25th Australia James Boags Draught 580 ml 5 Australian Dollars $5.50 $9.48
26th United States Various Micro Brews 600 ml 6 US Dollars $6.60 $11.00
27th Kosovo Rakija 750 ml 6 German Deuchmarks $5.00 $13.33
28th Ireland Guinness 570 ml 4.5 Euros $9.00 $15.78
29th Scotland Lots of them 570 ml 3 Scottish Pounds $9.00 $15.78
30th Northern Ireland Caffreys 570 ml Northern Irish Pounds $9.00 $15.78
31st Wales Lots of them 570 ml 3 Pounds $9.00 $15.78
32nd England Lots of them 570 ml 3 Pounds $9.00 $15.78
Ineligible* Spain Estrella 375 ml Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible
Ineligible* Italy Peroni 375 ml Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible
Ineligible* Switzerland Lots of them 500 ml Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible

* These entries were deemed ineligible because relatives or friends were constantly shouting beers.


I haven’t included any Home Brew Beer on here (here’s a book on how to make beer!) – but if I’m in your country and taste it, I’ll include it!

Apparently, if you’re saving up for that trip overseas and want to develop your own Beer Index, this guy has developed a guide to Making Money While Drinking Beer!

And here is my beer label collection.  This is not an accurate sample of the beers that I’ve road tested (some of these beers I had to sample on numerous occasions to make sure they were good).  If I find some more, I’ll add them!


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  1. February 15, 2011    

    Nice list there, but where is Germany!? Come on man, nothing beats a nice room temperature Hefewiezen. Cheers! Carly S.

    • February 15, 2011    

      Ha ha, but I haven’t been to Germany yet! I love their beer, but only the countries I’ve been to make the Beer index!

  2. auto insurance quotes auto insurance quotes
    March 28, 2011    

    I hate to see that we have the most expensive beer in Britain. Thanks to our government increasing taxes on them whenever they get a chance with silly excuses. Nevertheless I think we make the best beers in the world.

  3. June 23, 2011    

    haha! I love it – now I’m booking a trip to Argentina 🙂

  4. Nick Nick
    August 13, 2011    

    I completely agree with the Beer Index. However, wouldn’t you have to base it on
    each country’s domestic brew that most people drink? For example, for the US you
    samples microbrews. However, they are much more expensive and most Americans don’t drink them on a regular basis. Also, imports are more expensive in most countries. So, using these as the sample would make the cost of living seem higher than it might be. Unless, of course, you only sample the premium beers of countries.

  5. September 27, 2011    

    One that needs to be tried: Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Only in Granada. They make it in the city and it’s icy cold. Maybe it’s just because it was the first legal booze I ever bought, but it holds a very special place in my heart.

  6. IncaCola IncaCola
    July 4, 2012    

    Agree with the point about microbrews above – and in Peru I notice you’ve picked Cuzqueña as the sample beer. It’s arguably Peru’s best (although I prefer Arequipeña myself) but it’s also usually the most expensive. In Lima you’ll get a 650ml bottle of Cristal or Pilsen for 5 soles, moving Peru up into the top 10 if my maths is right…

  7. Kings Bathroom Kings Bathroom
    September 22, 2012    

    Surprised Germany is still not on the list, their hefeweizen goes down well, although i prefer mine cold, like my guinness.

  8. January 8, 2013    

    Awesome comparison, suprised Belgium didn’t get a mention. Grimbergen is awesome!!! To be fair any Belgian beer that’s not Stella Artois is sensational!!

  9. June 16, 2013    

    It’s great to see a lot of these beers starting to make their way onto UK supermarket shelves. Cuzqueña is the biggest beer export from Peru (and thankfully – it’s all exported and not brewed “under license” anywhere else), but many of these are still not available. I certainly can’t say I’ve had a beer from Bolivia or Kazakhstan, but I’m sure they are much more tasty than a lot of the watered down “under license” products.

  10. September 2, 2014    

    I do the beer tour in foreign countries too 🙂
    Some beers are fantastically fine and good, but some are just waste water…

  11. Ray Ray
    May 18, 2016    

    This is awesome! I don’t think I have ever seen a travel blog where there was a separate Beer index before!

  12. February 21, 2017    

    Great beer must be the cheap beer hehe

  13. JoV JoV
    June 10, 2017    

    They say Belgium is the best for their beer.
    I’m a young woman and I only drink cider, wine or cocktails but appairantly a lot of tourists say it is the best. And many locals that take a vacation to the U.K. or the U.S. they say the beer is like pee or something, a musky vinegar…. I don’t have an opinion, just sharing what I’ve heard. A beer is priced from 1€99 (Kriek (cherry-flavored, Jupiler, etc.) – 2€50 (common, Stella Artois, Trappist, etc.) – 3€99 (dark, heavy, munk-brewed, Orval, etc.).

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