What Is A Blogging Community?

Blogging Community – The Indonesian Way

What Is A Blogging Community?

‘Blog’ is only a recently developed word in the scheme of languages, but it feels like it’s been around a long time.  During the last few years, with the explosion of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs have taken on a new dimension and many have formed their own ‘online communities’.

I think we all have our definitions about what a Blogging Community is.  Most of us may assume that Blogging Communities occur in cyberspace, but this is not necessarily the case.

In Indonesia, there are formal, and officially recognised ‘Blogging Communities’ that are located in a number of major cities and regional centres.  These groups meet up regularly offline at their favourite bars or restaurants, and get together to party and have a great time.

Blogging Community – How It Works

They might talk about what their blogs are about (even though they may do this online frequently), but the whole aim is to socialise, make friends, and share ideas.

I learnt so much after spending time with two Blogging Communities last year in their own cities – one in Bali, the other in Yogyakarta.

Basically, the meetings/social events are there so that Bloggers can collectively share their passion of blogging about whatever their passion is.  Their passions ranged from politics, life in general, and even butterflies.

With regards to the Balinese Blogging Community, I thought another passion was Arak, the Balinese rice spirit/rocket fuel that was being offered to me in copious quantities.

During the Yogyakarta version, this Blogging Community had organised a ride home in a becak – a three wheeled bicycle catering for one driver and two (slim) passengers.  Whilst I’m not totally convinced that my dodgy travel insurance would cover my medical expenses in the event of an accident in one of these souped up push bikes, the skilful driver ensure I made it back to the hotel safely, and in one piece.

The point is that their Blogging Communities are exactly that – a Community. They have a sense of identity and belonging, and are welcoming to anyone who’s interested in finding out more.

I’m really excited about engaging with these Blogging Communities and seeing their Indonesia, and catching up with others at the Pesta Blogger conference on Saturday October 24 2009.

More Blogging Community Stuff

For more info, check out Social Media Success!: Practical advice and real world examples for social media engagement using social networking tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Blogging and more.

The Pesta Blogger Communities trip is kindly supported by AirAsia.

Check their website out for their extensive network all around South East Asia, Australia and Europe.

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