Warning Signs That Are Useless – Do Not Cross at The Grand Canyon

Warning Signs – What Warning Signs?

Today’s WTF Travel Photo is of the Warning Sign at the Grand Canyon – probably one of the most useless Warning Signs I’ve ever come across!

Check it out!

Warning Signs Useless Do Not Cross Grand Canyon

See those people right on the edge of the Grand Canyon? Well there’s about a couple hundred metres of air between the ledge and certain death!

Unfortunately, that single piece of rope isn’t quite enough of a deterrent to stop death defying tourists from crossing over the line!

I think these people were trying to avoid the cover charge to try the Grand Canyon Skywalk and thought the more riskier option of having no safety barricades might save a few bucks!

This is surprising, considering the litigious environment that exists in the United States!

Oh well!

More Warning Signs Stuff

For more Warning Signs that could have been useful, maybe they should have used the following sign: NO TRESPASSING: Violators Will Be Shot!


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  1. July 30, 2011    

    US is known for their useless warning signs. I live in Guatemala and my hubby is Guatemalan. We visited Palm beach and I took a photo of the warning signs and don’t do signs. It literally took up 2 huge polls.

    We went from zero warnings – do whatever the f**k you want, to don’t walk on the beach in ripped sneakers:)

  2. July 30, 2011    

    Have you heard the song “Here’s my sign” for stupidity. Love it, and your blog.

  3. August 12, 2011    

    It’s crazy but as an owner of a few businesses if you don’t put up the stupid signs then you get stupid lawsuits. It’s a sad fact but either way it’s entertaining to see a few of the more extreme signs out there and I think some businesses may even use it as a marketing technique because they know the sign will get into some photos and people will link to where they saw it.

  4. October 3, 2011    

    The Grand Canyon sign is gold!

    I put a stupid warning sign from the NYC subway up on my blog the other day: Sign of the New York times

    “Step over the gap, not in it”, it advises. Lucky the sign was there, or who knows where I would’ve ended up! 🙂

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