The Funny Warning Shot Sign – Because Ammunition Is Too Expensive!

It’s funny sign time again. This one was taken by my friend who has done extensive travel around the Philippines.

He has a taste for the offbeat and bizarre like me and he says I can pilfer any of the photos he posts to Facebook about his trip.

That’s great because I’ve been on a bit of a travel dry spell and I need some content to add to the site! Thanks mate!

He’s contributed some gems from the Philippines archipelago here like the:

Anyway, he was cruising around the popular tourist destination of Boracay and spotted a sign that definitely grabbed his attention.

And it would grab anyone else’s!

Looks like this isn’t someone who you should piss off!

The Warning Shot Ammunition Sign!

Looks like this establishment is tightening their belts! 🙂

Warning Shot Sign Ammunition

This looks like something more at home in the United States because guns are almost as plentiful as water, but I guess that sign was put up for a reason! Like the no kissing on the train and squat toilet signs!

I thought this was almost as funny as the ladies day machine gun range in Las Vegas, but I really wouldn’t want to test trying to steal something from this premises to see if a warning shot may or may not be fired!

Anyway, if I come across something like this, I’m not going to muck around!

How about you? What funny signs relating to guns have you spotted in your travels?

Surely they all can’t come from the United States!

Let the world know by leaving a comment below!

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1 Comment

  1. John John
    August 7, 2017    

    Ha ha, shoot first, ask questions later!

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