Unique AirBNB Rentals – Literally Bringing the Outdoor In!

I guess that you must be living under a rock to not know about AirBNB. Where everyone can call their own home a hotel.

And loads of travellers who use the AirBNB site when they go travelling because it just opens up a whole new load of options for accommodation.

And some of those accommodation forms can be a tad alternative!

Ironically, AirBNB is like the world’s biggest hotel/accommodation chain and it actually doesn’t own any hotels!

What this does cause is that you can land a form of accommodation that is what you can say is…. different.

Here is one example that a mate of mine sent to me when he was cruising through Thailand. From memory, I’m pretty sure this was around the Krabi area which is a popular area to just chill out for a bit. If he tells me this is wrong, I’ll change it!

Anyway, check this out!

Unique AirBNB Rentals – How to ‘Build Onto Nature’

This is crazy! As you can see, the place has been build onto and around a massive big rock.

Not, not the rather phallic looking Grandfather Rock, which is also in Thailand.

Anyway, this big rock appears in many rooms.

Like this bedroom. Where he stayed in.

The bathroom.

Including the shower.

The bedroom.

In another corner of the bedroom.

And in more corners of the bedroom.

Looks like an all right place to stay.

Unique AirBNB Rentals

And lose track of time. Not a bad office view I say!

I can’t see the major hotel chains coming up with something like this!

And AirBNB just keeps growing with thousands of listings being added every day.

Anyway, what about you? What unusual, strange, or downright bizarre AirBNB listings have you visited or stay in?

Let me know! The more bizarre, the better!

I guess that’s what you get from travelling – the totally unexpected!

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