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World Travel – the Where The Hell Is Matt? Version

World Travel - Where The Hell Is Matt

World Travel via a Silly Dance! I must admit, I’m a little bit envious of Where The Hell Is Matt?┬áHe’s the dude who’s become an internet celebrity by doing a silly dance at some of the world’s most famous landmarks – and gets paid for this awesome way of World Travel. That’s right, he gets […]

One Star People – Comedian Greg Warren Travel Video Spoof

One Star People Comedian Greg Warren Travel Spoof - Funny Travel Video

One Star People – in a Five Star Hotel! I came across this Funny Travel Video called One Star People recently by the Comedian, Greg Warren which takes the piss of turning up to a flash hotel and find that a heap of bogans (this is an Australian term roughly equivalent to the American term […]

Concrete: 5 Ways It’s Done in the Third World, not just Bricks and Mortar

Concrete: 5 Crazy Construction Techniques! Concrete is universally used as a pretty standard construction material. But one thing that amazes me about how people build stuff in the Third World is how construction workers apply their own take on Concreting Techniques. ┬áThat’s because there’s no money to create or enforce any safety standards, so they […]

Travel Video Guide – Tips on How To Make A Great Travel Video

Travel Video Guide – Some Tips I’ve Learnt Travel Videos are becoming more prevalant out there in Travel Blogging Land. I’ve started to get into them, but because I have the attention span of a goldfish, I started out not knowing much about how to produce a decent Travel Video. But I contacted a friend […]

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