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Travel For Free – A How To Podcast on Blogcast FM

Travel for Free – via Press Trips I’ve been very lucky since I’ve started The Travel Tart – I’ve been invited on a number of international Press Trips, such as Fiji, Wales and South Africa where I’ve scored some Travel For Free. In a couple of these cases, I was the first ever Travel Blogger […]

Travel Podcast From The Travel Tart – My First Go!

Travel Podcast Time – new for me! Hmm, a Travel Podcast from The Travel Tart. It’s about time I did something a little bit different for a change. I’ve been feeling a bit one dimensional with my website, as it mainly focuses on Travel Writing and still photographs.  I’ve referred to the odd video of […]

Indie Travel Podcast – Pesta Blogger Feature

Indie Travel Podcast Interview The Indie Travel Podcast is very popular podcast about the joys of independent travel from all around the world. They are pretty regular with their recordings and they chat to all sorts of travel related characters from all over the world – and now that includes me! I was interviewed by […]

Travel Writing – The Importance Of Getting ‘Out There’

Travel Writing Time! Hi there.  Here is a slighly more serious post, which is a first for me! Last week, Trisha and Rebecca from the Travel Writers Exchange were kind enough to send out an article of mine titled ‘Travel Writing – The Importance Of Getting ‘Out There’. I didn’t realise that we were both following […]

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