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Selfies and Travelling – the Scourge of the Earth!

Bloody smartphones. Yes, they can sometimes be useful to find stuff in an instant when you’re on the road. But God, sometimes they piss me off! Phone manufacturers have somehow made people feel that these portable computers are an essential part of everyday life, when in reality, they’re creating an emotional ball and chain for […]

Tacky Tourist Photos. Stupid, or Rite of Passage?

How many times have you been to a Tourist Trap around the world, only to see a flood of people/tourists posing in all sorts of weird ways to be captured in a photograph so it can be posted to their Facebook page within minutes? That’s right, welcome to the world of Tacky Tourist Photos! This […]

Super Shots Photography Travel Game – Some Cool Pictures

Super Shots Time! I recently gave my two bob worth’s of contributing a photo to the launch of Hostel Booker’s fun travel photo game called Super Shots which showcased 7 travel photos across 7 categories from 7 different travel bloggers. Now, it’s time for me to look into my dodgey archives and somehow find 7 photos, […]

Tourist Photos With A Laugh – Posing With Friends

Tourist Photos Seattle - Gum Wall

Funny Tourist Photos Time! Todays Funny Tourist Photos come from Henry from Posing With, which is a silly website about ‘Taking Pictures Next To Tourists Taking Pictures’. I really love this description which provides a funny mental image. Yes, the description is as obvious as dog’s balls – Posing With Friends is about cheeky travellers […]

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