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The Worst Travel Buddy Ever – Never Travel With Tom Hanks!

You’ve probably had those moments where you’re travelling on the road with someone, and they start to get under your skin a bit so much you just want to ditch them and do a bit of travelling on your own. But no matter how annoying your travel buddy (or buddies) might be, they can’t be […]

The Worst Movies for Travellers of All Time (so far)!

On this silly website previously, I’ve put together a couple of Funny Travel Movie Lists such as my Top 5 Funny Travel Movies, Comedy Travel, Travel Films With A Laugh, and even some funny time travel movies. Predictably, these movies focus on the more humourous side of travelling – including the things that go wrong on road […]

James Bond Movies – How 007 Film Plotlines Work!

James Bond Movies – Get Your Plotlines Here! Welcome to the most successful movie franchise of all time! For over 50 years, James Bond movies have kept audiences entertained, playing out the male fantasy of being a jetsetting British spy (Agent 007) undertaking adventures around the world whilst (over) sampling the legions of gorgeous women […]

Time Travel – How To Possibly Do It With Some Funny Time Travel Movies

Time Travel Movies How To Do It - Idiocracy

Time Travel Funnies! Woo hoo, today I’ve got some Funny Time Travel Movies, something a bit different from previous Funny Travel Movie Lists I’ve compiled, such as my articles on My Top 5 Funny Travel Movies, More Funny Travel Movies and Travel Films With A Laugh! So if you’re into Time Travel but want them with […]

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