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Business Terminology – The Top 10 Workplace Wank Words That Make Us Want To Travel

4 hour work week tim ferriss

Business Terminology – Some Annoying Business Jargon! Corporate Wank Words. Many corporations suffer from this appalling Business Terminology affliction.  Those are the ‘buzzwords’ (oh hell, even I’m infected!) that people use to make themselves sound more impressive. You’ll hear these Wank Words produced in meetings by people wanting to make themselves sound more important than they […]

Workplace Personality Types That Make You Want to Travel

Workplace Personality Types Explained. Workplace Personality Types are an often unwanted side effect of going to work. We need work sometimes to generate an income to go travelling.  Unfortunately, it can become a necessary evil. Luckily, most people are pretty decent and pleasant to deal with, making work a sometimes enjoyable experience. However, when you’re stuck […]

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