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Italian Australian Immigration Stories. Three Trunks and a Cardboard Case!

Here’s an article with a personal bent. It’s an Italian Australian immigration story which involves leaving everything you know and moving half way around the world to a place that you don’t know at all, and sometimes, have only just heard of! It’s the story about how one side of my family decided to take […]

Booksellers & Travel Literature Interview with Sophie from Dymocks Books

Hey there Travel Tarters. Today I’ve got Sophie Higgins from Dymocks Booksellers to chat about how the travel sector is an important part of their business. In fact, the travel genre is their best performing and selling category across their operations (wow, it outsells 50 Shades of Grey!), so I’m going to pick Sophie’s brains […]

Travel Magazine Review – Travel The World With Off Track Planet

Travel Magazine Review - Off Track Planet

A Travel Magazine With a Difference I recently crossed paths with Bianca from Off Track Planet┬áTravel Magazine, who kindly sent me an issue of their print magazine to have a look. That’s because they cover a lot of offbeat travel things like I do. If you’ve checked out the Off Track Planet site, you will […]

Best Travel Books – 100 Titles For Wanderlust

Best Travel Books – so far! Today, I’ve put together a list of 100 of some of the Best Travel Books that I’ve come across that have inspired me to have itchy feet and take off travelling somewhere. These are the ones that I’ve come across personally (or have been recommended to me), and they’re […]

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