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Why Social Media Can Suck The Pus For Travel! The Anti Social Media Article!

Today’s article is a little bit ironic! Yes, this website, and any other blog in the world tends to have social media accounts associated with it which all support each other and churn out content to the ever increasing and bloated internet – which never seems to end! That’s right, if you’ve seen this post […]

Spam Comments – You’ll Never Get This Time Back!

Spam Comments! There’s nothing like running a website and coming across this kind of word crap that you need to eliminate. Actually, it’s not that bad these days. With in built spam filters etc, this sort of stuff goes straight into a folder that I never usually look at. A lot of the time, it’s […]

How to be a Travel SEO Ho! A Silly Tutorial with Tips and Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a moving beast that drives anyone who runs a website (like myself) insane. Even if you don’t run a website, it affects you because when you type in something, Google has to work out what you actually want by asking about 200 questions before it spits out a result […]

Sponsored Posts and Other Silly Advertising Requests From The Travel Industry!

The reason I run this silly travel blog is because I love the great opportunities that come from it. I’ve had so many great experiences that I never thought were possible. But with that yin, must come a yang. When your stuff is out in the online space, this presents opportunities for unsolicited emails from […]

Life Quotes – What Is The Meaning of Life?

Behind every action, there is always a motive. We don’t do things for the hell of it. We do things because of something driving us. Want to know why I’ll find any excuse to travel and dump myself into any great experience head first? Well read on, and you’ll find out! It’s a pretty damn […]

Ryan Gosling’s Head – Goes Everywhere!

It’s time to feature another silly travel blog besides mine! It’s run by Melissa and it’s called Where’s The Gos? The reason why Where’s The Gos is a silly travel blog is because as part of her travels, Melissa carries a card board cut out head of popular Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling and places it near world […]

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Hi, my name is Anthony Bianco. I started The Travel Tart – Offbeat Tales From A Travel Addict in 2009, and since then, have built up a large social media profile and online presence. And I can do the same for you. These are the benefits I can offer you as a Travel Blogging and […]

April Fools Pranks and Jokes to play on Travel Bloggers

Ahh, April Fools Day. The one day of the year where everyone has permission to play a prank or joke on someone at their expense and pretty much get away with it. Everyone seems to get in on the act, from television to radio stations to your own relatives. Personally, I think it’s a great […]

Stupid Jokes About Travel Bloggers

Dell Ultrabook XPS 13 Laptop

Okay, it’s time for some silly, corny and stupid jokes about travel bloggers again, because the whole travel blogging industry is still taking themselves way too seriously. I’ve compiled a list of more jokes poking fun at travel blogs and bloggers and dumped them into this post. This is a continuation from Travel Jokes For […]

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