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Unique Artisan Gifts – NOVICA

NOVICA – Unique Artisan Gifts with a purpose Here on The Travel Tart, I usually write about the silly stuff that happens with world travel, such as some of the Funny Shopping Products found when Travelling. But now and then, I come across something that I think is worth spruiking based on the good intentions […]

Backpack Reviews – Explore Planet Earth Carina Rucksack

Explore Planet Earth

Backpack Reviews To Help Your Back – I Hope! Recently, a Public Relations Firm in Sydney contacted me wanting to know if I was interested doing a Backpack Review (and keeping!) either a Travel Backpack or Rucksack from the Explore Planet Earth range. Since I’m a Travel Tart, I greedily said yes to adding more […]

Funny Shopping Products Found When Travelling

Funny Shopping Products Time! Spotting Funny Shopping Products is a favourite pastime of mine when I go travelling around the world. There is something perversely funny about coming across a seemingly harmless product that you would buy at home everyday without batting an eyelid, and having a giggle at something that has obviously been mis-translated […]

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