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Cafe Culture – The Strangest Cafes In The World

Like Cafe Culture? Well, lots of people do, both at home and abroad! Today, I’ve got a list of some of the Strangest Cafes in the World from Lily Evans! Lily Evans is the founder of SkyWeFly, where she blogs about photographs, stories and travel tips that will help you make a great journey. She […]

Gluten Free Diet and Travel – When It Doesn’t Quite Happen…

People like myself just take for granted that we’re able to eat pretty much anything we want, and it won’t leave us sitting on the toilet for a week. This gives me the luxury of allowing me to eat all sorts of weird stuff like Cow’s Nose and Guinea Pig. However there are many people […]

Canned Food Around The World – WTF?

It’s weird food time again! This time, it’s the totally weird arse Canned Food From Around The World! I have a strange fetish for trying weird stuff and chomping down on it, and some of these appeared in my 52 Tips for Weird Food and Drinks. They are usually food types that I’ll never come […]

Bizarre Food – Weird Delicacies From Around The World

Bizarre Food - Sea Slug Soup

Bizarre Food – Travel with your taste buds: Today I have a guest post about Bizarre Food from Sophie at @deliveryhero_au. ┬áHere it is! Any experienced traveller knows that feeling when you come across a national/must-try food in another part of the world only to be grossed-out/intrigued/excited and determined to give it a try. Below […]

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