Travel The World – With These Annoying Travel Types

Travel The World – Travel Types that piss you off!

A while ago, I wrote about an article about Travel Peronalities Explained, which talked about some of the sometimes less than desirable Travel Personality Types out there. But I’ve come back with a few more annoying ones you may come across on you Travel The World!

Here they are!

Travel Types Number One – The Loud Talker

The person whose conversational volume is roughly that of a jet aircraft taking off or a circular saw cutting a metal pipe. They also seem to feel the need to commentate their every action, thought or intention and you have the guy at breakfast who arrives, announces where he will sit, what he’s eating and how last nights curry really shot through during his morning’s ablution.

They are also impervious to the stares of fellow humans. Pretty much even telling them to shut the hell up won’t register anything more than a temporary interruption in transmission.

Travel Types Number Two – The Whiner

Why do they Travel The World, you ask. I have no idea given that nothing in any destination they go to is as good as it is at home.

These are the people who prefer the imitation Eiffel Tower at their local Wal Mart to the actual one in Paris.

Travel Types Number Three – The international man of mystery

This is the guy (who is probably a postman or something in reality) who never reveals anything more about themselves than tantalising snippets of information. People are initially intrigued by his revelations of ‘I was the first westerner into Kuwait’ after liberation but inevitably come to the conclusion he’s an idiot.

Travel Type Number Four – The Stunnerbut

This is the man/woman in the group who is undoubtedly a hunk/babe but so stupid, annoying, constantly late, etc . He/she earns the title by the regular conversations that begin with ‘he/she’s a stunner but……….’ and end in universal character assassination by all present.

Travelling The World With interesting Characters

How about you? What other crazy Travel Types have you come across when you Travel The World?

Leave a comment and spread the love/misery!

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  1. There’s some overlap here:

    The raving hypochondriac. Some people are either ill or worried about getting ill all the time!

    The clean freaks – incessantly worried about bed bugs/bad food hygience/infectious diseases.

    The penny pincher. Always bragging about how they’ve only spent 50 cents a day for the last six months but never does anything interesting and seems to be having a miserable time.

    I could get into this exercise, it’s fun;)

    • June 2, 2011    

      We’ve all come across them at some point!

  2. May 22, 2012    

    Loud talkers are the worst! And the annoying thing is they probably think I’m a whisperer or something – just because I talk at a “normal” volume that they’re not familiar with!

  3. August 3, 2012    

    Oh yeah, I’ve got one!

    The super-impressive-ultra-dedicated-over-achiever! (WARNING – this type often comes in pairs)
    They constantly regale you with their tales – because they’ve been EVERYWHERE on this trip. I mean it! They’re up at six every morning for the dawn bike tour, and manage to visit three more temples before lunch. Are they gonna chillax by the pool after that? Hell no! There’s a gorgeous village they have to visit, and swing by a particularly interesting temple on the way back, and dinner in a famous pub because it’s near this place that does great live music from local bands and they serve the drinks in real pineapples and the King of Cameroon once visited there and left his hunting rifle above the bar…

    They know EVERYTHING. God only knows when they had time to ingest a guidebook – it’s probably on an MP3 player they leave under their pillow to absorb the facts subliminally during their 4 hours per night of required REM sleep. They go EVERYWHERE. And they make you feel incredibly guilty and lazy just by existing. Because, to be honest, you just wanted to spend a day on the beach. With a book and a cocktail. And as for whether or not you want to meet them at breakfast at 5:30am tomorrow to visit the fish markets and get a rare glimpse into everything that goes on whilst normal people are sleeping?
    Um… bugger that!
    I am a normal person. And I am on holiday. Consequently, I will also be sleeping… :0)


    • August 3, 2012    

      Sounds like the voice of experience! You’ve seen these characters before!

      • August 3, 2012    

        Um, yeah… I’ve been that person, very briefly. It annoyed me as much as everyone else around me, so I decided to chill out a bit. I’ve never looked back :0)
        (Well I have, just now. It may well give me nightmares…)

  4. August 3, 2012    

    Oh yeah – and the Irish.
    (or am I not allowed to say that?)


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