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Chinese Money Quotes. WTF?

Anyone who has been to China would know that the Chinese Money is called the Renminbi. Plus, money is also a big cultural aspect of every day life in China – as it has been intrinsically associated with Chinese culture for centuries. As an example, one Chinese cultural tradition is to burn stuff that for […]

Travel Insurance – Just A Piece of Paper, or A Lifesaver?

You’ve thrown a dart onto a map and you’re going where it lands, even if it falls on Afghanistan, Somalia or Iraq – and have checked out your country’s travel alerts and warnings You’ve booked your cheap arse flights on some dodgey low cost airline. And you’ve packed your backpack with all sorts of useless crap […]

Penang Street Art Photos – Life and Art Together?

Check this out! It’s Street Art Photo time! One of my mates went to Penang in Malaysia and he captured a tonne of cool snaps which I decided to pirate for myself! He’s sent me some rather funny and politically incorrect stuff to me previously, such as the Cornflake coated fish, the ‘Must Be At […]

Big Penis Photos!

Well, there is a shameless attention grabbing click bait headline for you if I’ve ever seen one! Actually, it’s definitely a piss take leading into today’s really weird travel photo that fellow travel blogger Colleen Kinsey sent me. She runs the Travel Meets Happy website (you can follow her on Instagram @travelmeetshappy) and she rightly thought I would […]

Things To Do In The Solomon Islands!

You know that place that looks like David Attenborough has visited for the first time, that no one else has? Well, the Solomon Islands sort of feels like that. And I really don’t want to tell too many people about it because if it appears on a popular travel show, then I’ve stuffed up the […]

Indoor Skydiving – Wind Tunnel Madness Now on TripAdvisor!

It’s thrill seeking time again! This time, it’s thanks to TripAdvisor – they asked me if I was interested in their TripMaximizer campaign to show off the ‘Things To Do’ part of their enormous website. Yes, another perk of being a Z grade internet celebrity! The TripMaximizer campaign is about highlighting that trips, accommodation and experiences […]

Solomon Islands People Pics from the ‘Hapi’ Isles!

With any place in the world, the best thing about a country is it’s people. Once again, the people of the Solomon Islands proved this to me with their warmth, humour and happiness, like other places in the South Pacific. I found they were a little bit shy and reserved at first – but once […]

Battle of Guadalcanal – An ”Open Air” Museum!

One theme involving travel around the world is visiting the site of famous battles and wars throughout the years. I reckon the best thing about a history lesson is going to the place where a famous event actually happened. This makes you appreciate what actually went on and gives you a point of reference – […]

The Best World War 2 Museum Ever!

It’s museum time! But this is a museum with a difference. I’ve been to a few museums which are a little bit different than the most famous ones like the Louvre. Places like the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C, the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Robert Louis Stevensen Museum in Samoa. […]

How To Climb A Coconut Tree!

Let’s face it. When we were all kids before the internet came (long before digital times), we all used to try and climb the biggest tree we could find and climb up all the way to the top! That’s easy when you have well positioned branches that help you get there. But what if you […]