That Time Of The Month – Makes Women Suffer In Rajasthani Temples

That Time Of The Month – A Different Take!

Today’s Funny Travel Photo is provided by Luc from Clever and It’s of the funny entry sign regarding That Time Of The Month!

Yes, that natural cycle that women have to go through sometimes makes the official notices of tourist attractions around the world!

Luc took this gem a few years ago in Rajasthan, India at the entrance of a Jain temple.

It’s brilliant!

‘WARNING: Entry of ladies in monthly course is strictly prohibited. Any lady in monthly course if enters any of the temples, she may suffer.

That Time Of The Month

This is somewhat related to the Cultural Awareness Sign that was sent to me recently!

It’s not that I’m a woman or anything, but surely women at That Time Of The Month would be suffering anyway if the timing coincided with them visiting the temple!

Plus, who would be checking this anyway? I can’t imagine that the above requirement would be policed as such. And, I’m hoping it wouldn’t be monitored by the menstruation police!

Oh well.

See more at Jainism: An Introduction, and India Treasures : An Epic Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through the Ages.

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  1. June 15, 2011    

    Man, menstruating women get the SHAFT around the world. *giggle*

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