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Spring Chickens – The Cambodian Food Option…

Chicken is probably the world’s most consumed meat – especially young, fresh Spring Chickens! That’s because it’s pretty cheap, and easy to ‘farm’. You’ll see them as a staple food source from all over the world. From the free range village variety to the mass produced western version, chickens definitely make the world go round […]

Adventure Motorcycles – the Toilet Brush Version!

Ahh, Vietnam! This place is an absolute gold mine of funny travel photos, especially when it comes to Masters of Transport and Logistics. I haven’t been there, but I would love to at some time because I’m sure I’d come back home with enough material to keep this site running for decades! This is where […]

Supply Chain Management – More Masters of Transport and Logistics!

It’s time for more Masters of Transport and Logistics! This is where inventive and innovative people take Supply Chain Management to the next level. I see these pictures as tribute to the people who were dealt a crap hand by being born in a country that doesn’t have many resources, and people do the best […]

The Cat Man From Vietnam – ‘Pet’ Transport!

Today I have a completely ‘WTF is that!’ travel photo from Gemma and Craig, who run Two Scots Abroad. Here they are having a great time somewhere out in the big wide world! They are downing tools as teacher and tradesman to take a sabbatical and travel The Americas, beginning at SXSW Music Festival. Hop aboard for the […]

Asian Travel Tips and Techniques – The Multipurpose Scooter!

Here is another one for entry into ‘Masters of Transport and Logistics’ that you can use on your next Asian Travel journey – how to transport almost anything on a scooter! And I mean, everything including literally the kitchen sink! Previous fantastic examples that have appeared on this silly website include the bucket seats, how […]

Funny Motorcycle Photos – The Worst Load Ever!

It’s time for some Funny Motorcycle Photos – The Award for the Worst Motorbike Load Ever! Definitely part of the Masters of Transport and Logistics range!   Today I’ve got a funny guest post from Stuart who runs the website Am I Nearly There Yet? It’s about the most ridiculous motorcycle load that he has ever […]

Train Stations in Thailand – Bangkok To Bang Sue..

Train Stations Thailand Bangkok To Bang Sue

Train Stations – A Sign That’s A Bit Silly Today I’ve got a funny travel photo about Train Stations from Tony James Slater. You can follow @TonyJamesSlater on Twitter. Tony says ‘this is my personal favourite… a train platform sign in Sukhumvit Underground station, Bangkok (Bangkok, you see, is the other end of the line…)’ […]

How To Ride A Bike – With an Ox

How To Ride Bike - With an Ox

How To Ride A Bike – Masters Of Transport And Logistics! Today’s Funny Travel Photo is How To Ride A Bike – With an Ox. This one is hilarious, but highlights how some people in the world have to live. Check out the photo below I received from Paul Gee from Paul’s Travel Blog. You […]

Auto Rickshaw – Family Transport

Auto Rickshaw Family Transport Funny Travel Photo - Delhi India

Auto Rickshaw – Over engineered or Over weighted? The Auto Rickshaw is a common site on the streets of India. The Auto Rickshaw is three wheeler motor vehicle used as popular form of Family Transport.  This includes amazing features like transporting entire generations in a single journey in a Motorised Vehicle designed to normally take […]

Ascensors, in Valparaíso, Chile – Most Interesting Form of Public Transport

Ascensors in Valparaiso – Cool Iron Boxes! The Chilean town of Valparaíso is located on the Pacific, west of the capital of Santiago. The most notable thing about Valparaíso is its barrios (or suburbs) that are engrained into the hilly surrounds, and the method of transport required to access them from the flat city centre […]

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