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Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride. The Very Politically Incorrect Version!

Ahh. Funny T-Shirt Time again. This time, about the sentence which seems to appear more often at a theme park than anywhere else – ‘Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride‘. I guess it would be pretty gutting for a little kid to be knocked back from a really cool roller coaster because they […]

Microsoft Windows – The Amsterdam Version!

Okay, it’s funny T-shirt time again. This time, it’s a Microsoft Windows parody that I’m sure didn’t land on the desk of Bill Gates for his personal approval! Actually, Bill would probably have a laugh at this in his nerdy voice if he came across it! He might even have this T-shirt in his personal […]

Snowfall Amounts – I Love Big Dumps!

It’s silly T-shirt time again, and on this occasion, it’s about a double play on words regarding Snowfall Amounts for the ski tragics out there who can’t get enough of the white stuff! And I’m not talking about hard narcotics either! One of my friends shares my passion for funny t-shirts that make people at […]

Funny TShirt Sayings from New Orleans

New Orleans

Funny TShirts inspired by Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is a fantastic city. And it has a range of hilarious Funny TShirt Sayings that were inspired by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is the place where Americans go to have a good time – and they usually leave their inhibitions behind in their home towns. Here is a […]

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