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Pestablogger 2009 – the now famous blogging conference held in Indonesia each year. Press trip Sponsored by Air Asia

Thanks Indonesia – I’ve Had The Time Of My Life!

Bali Blogging Community

I’ve Had The Time Of My Life – Not the Dirty Dancing Song! I’ve been back home in Brisbane for the last few days thinking about the awesome trip to Indonesia I have just experienced. Really, I’ve Had The Time Of My Life, it was awesome! The 4 week trip felt like it lasted for […]

Pesta Blogger 2009 – Review of the Blogger Party

Pesta Blogger Fun Times! I’m now back home after my fantastic trip throughout Indonesia in October 2009. This culminated with the Pesta Blogger 2009 conference on Saturday 24 October. Basically, Pesta Blogger means ‘Blogger Party’, and conference is a loose interpretation.  The whole day is related to all things about blogging, and sharing new and interesting […]

Mount Bromo, Indonesia – Volcano Shots & Photos

Mount Bromo Volcano Shots & Photos Indonesia

Mount Bromo – Awesome Indonesian Volcano Mount Bromo in Indonesia, is a Volcano is located south of the city of Surabaya in East Java province. This place is becoming popular with visitors as this volcano is easily accessible via trips from nearby Surabaya, plus one can walk along the rim of the volcano edge! Mount […]

Things To Do In Surabaya Indonesia

Surabaya Indonesia - Old City

Things To Do In Surabaya Indonesia – East Java Gem! Surabaya, Indonesia, is located in East Java – and it’s my last stop before the Pesta Blogger Conference this Saturday. I’ve had a great time here with members of the Tugupahlawan Blogging community here, and here are some of the things to do in Surabaya, apart from […]

Kopi Luwak – Coffee From Cat Poo. World’s Most Expensive Beans!

Kopi Luwak Coffee – isn’t Crap Caffeine! Kopi Luwak Coffee is internationally famous for where it comes from. And I don’t mean the country of Indonesia either. Kopi Luwak Coffee appears in my 52 Travel Tips For Weird Food and Drinks – you can even buy this stuff on Amazon!  But I’ve only heard about it […]

How To Eat Rujak Cingur – Cow’s Nose With Peanut Sauce

Rujak Cingur – Another Bizarre Food! ‘What the?’ I hear you say? Yes, you read right.  Rujak Cingur is Cow’s Nose With Peanut Sauce. Here is a picture of Rujak Cingur below when it arrives from the kitchen! In the spirit of continuing to try the local, and sometimes, odd specialities of each place I have […]

An Insight Into An Indonesian Wedding – Semarang Style

Indonesian Wedding – I’m Invited! Yesterday, one of the Semarang Blogging Community members, Mizan, invited me to witness an Indonesian Wedding. He literally asked me that morning – the day of the wedding! I was a bit shocked because a question like that is virtually non-existent in western society, and after he insisted (after talking […]

Things To Do In Semarang, Indonesia

Things to Do in Semarang Thanks to the Loenpia Blogging Community, they’ve been showing me around their city of Semarang. Once again, there’s lots of stuff to do here, so here goes: 1. See Gedung Batu (Sam Po Kong Temple) and know your future. This Chinese temple was built in the name of Admiral Cheng […]

Mesjid Besar – The Grand Mosque, Semarang, Indonesia

Mesjid Besar Mosque Photos Mesjid Besar is the biggest mosque in Semarang, Indonesia. I had a great time taking a lot of photos of this quite striking building when I visited. It looks pretty nice when lit up at night. Here is the proof! To check out the speccy views at night time, you can […]

Things To Do In Bandung, Indonesia

Things To Do In Bandung Apart from checking out Jeans Street and visiting nearby volcanoes, there are other things to do in Bandung, Indonesia while you are there. Situated at 750 m above sea level, it’s a bit cooler than other places in Indonesia, and it’s often a popular weekend getaway for those wanting to […]

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