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Living and Travelling with Cystic Fibrosis – Meet Emmah Money!

Hi there Travel Tarters out there in internet land. Here’s a rather confronting question for you. If you knew exactly what your lifespan was going to be, how would you live your life? Differently to how you live it now? Well, I recently met one inspirational lady called Emmah Money who is faced with just […]

Street Food Interview with Andy Bates!

Hi there those in Travel Tart land – today I’ve scored an interview with Andy Bates who is right into his Street Food. You would have seen him on a couple of great shows like Andy Bates Brazilian Street Feasts and American Street Feasts. There’s even an Andy Bates cookbook. He’s right into his food […]

The Sunday Night Interview with Denham Hitchcock!

Hey there all of you in Travel Tart land, today I’ve scored an interview with Denham Hitchcock who is a foreign correspondent for the Australian current affairs show, Sunday Night. I envy his job – he’s filed reports from all over the world covering all sorts of things like presidential inaugurations, earthquakes, and even taking […]

Reality Trip Interview – The TV Show About The Third World That Bites!

Hi there Travel Tarters, today I have a chat with Laurie Clarke, an Executive Producer with Top Shelf Productions who produced the television documentary series called ‘Reality Trip‘. Have you ever thought about where the stuff you buy comes from and how it’s produced? You probably won’t want to if you watch this eye opening […]

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