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The Atacama Desert in Chile – The Driest Place On Earth

How dry is the driest place on the planet? This dry! As we say in Australia, it’s ‘as dry as a dead dingo’s donger!’ So dry that hardly anything grows there – even cacti! You’d be hard pressed to find any sort of vegetation out in these parts. But there are hardened people who live […]

Vizcacha (or Viscacha) – looks like a Rabbit, but related to a Rat

Vizcacha – Wascaly Wabbit! The Vizcacha (or Viscacha) is an unusual looking Rabbit looking Rat thing that hops around the Atacama desert, over and under rocks. However, they look like a bunny rabbit but they are not a bunny rabbit! People often confuse them with rabbits, hoping that they are carrying a truckload of chocolate eggs with them! […]

Ascensors, in Valparaíso, Chile – Most Interesting Form of Public Transport

Ascensors in Valparaiso – Cool Iron Boxes! The Chilean town of Valparaíso is located on the Pacific, west of the capital of Santiago. The most notable thing about Valparaíso is its barrios (or suburbs) that are engrained into the hilly surrounds, and the method of transport required to access them from the flat city centre […]

Starbucks Coffee – Isn’t Served By Half Naked Women like Cafe Con Piernas

Cafe Con Piernas - Not Starbucks Coffee

Cafe Con Piernas – new Starbucks Coffee Idea? I can’t ever see Starbucks Coffee coming up with this idea that can be found everywhere in Chile’s capital – Santiago.  It’s called Café con Piernas, or literally translated as ‘Coffee With Legs‘. It’s surprising that something like Café con Piernas took off in a staunchly Catholic country […]

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