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Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife Funny – Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil!

Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife - Beer Drinking Macaw in Brazil

Drunk Amazon Rainforest Bird Wildlife? Today I’ve got a Funny Travel Photo from Lee Abbamonte. You can follow @leeabbamonte on Twitter. He’s got an enviable travel record – he’s the youngest American to travel to every country in the world! Remember, that’s over two hundred if the number of teams competing at the Olympics is […]

Rio De Janiero Carnival, Brazil – Samba, Parades, Sex and Insane Condom Statistics!

Rio De Janiero Carnival Brazil - Samba, Parades, Sex and Insane Condom Statistics!

Rio De Janiero Carnival – Interesting Stats! Today, I’ve got an interesting guest post about Condom Statistics from Dan Clarke who works for Real Brazil Holidays – the UK specialists in the Rio De Janiero Carnival and tailormade holidays in Brazil. The numbers thrown around here are staggering – and may provide a fascinating insight into […]

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil – How To Wet Yourself

Iguazu Falls - Salto Bosetti

Igauzu Falls = Wet Pants! Today was the day where I had to somehow burn off a couple of week’s worth of eating superb South American steak that had been washed down with too many bottles of Malbec. In a vain attempt to successfully produce a couple days worth of exercise, I patiently waited for […]

Brazilian Nuts Don’t Taste So Good

Brazilian Nuts – Not The One’s You’re Thinking Of! Today, I’ve got a guest post from Paul about Brazilian Nuts. And I don’t mean the variety where you have to use a heavy duty nutcracker to open the shell! I almost pissed my pants laughing reading this! Here it is! Paul is a London-based writer. […]

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