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Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina – a great place to chill your six pack of beer

If you want to score a really great ice fix, this is the Perito Moreno Glaicer, in the Patagonia Region of Argentina. It’s quite an impressive large piece of ice for those who like their water frozen. And for me, this would be a great excuse to see how long a six pack of beer […]

The Best Buses In The World

Out of all my travels anywhere, I’ve found that the Best Buses in The World are in Argentina – nothing comes close! While I normally detest buses because they normally give me a great chance of scoring deep vein thrombosis, the long haul bus system network in Argentina is the only time where I’ve actually […]

Evitas Grave in Buenos Aires, Argentina – An Interesting Mausoleum

If you visit Buenos Aires, you are bound to observe countless images of Eva Peron – the much-loved Evita. They’re everywhere – from local restaurants to living rooms. Hence, Evitas Grave in Recoleta Cemetery is a popular one to visit on the gringo trail in South America. She was pretty famous in the 1950’s because […]

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil – How To Wet Yourself

Iguazu Falls - Salto Bosetti

Igauzu Falls = Wet Pants! Today was the day where I had to somehow burn off a couple of week’s worth of eating superb South American steak that had been washed down with too many bottles of Malbec. In a vain attempt to successfully produce a couple days worth of exercise, I patiently waited for […]

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