Seadoo Jet Ski Tours – Rhymes with..

If you’ve managed to survive a Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flight after boozing too much at Airlie Beach, you can also board a Seadoo Jet Ski with Whitsunday Jet Ski Tours to test how tolerant your guts are after a big night!

Seadoo Jet Ski Tours

 This was the second time I had been on a Jet Ski, after doing some island hopping in Fiji a couple of years beforehand.

Jet Skis are a great way to check out the marine environment as you have almost 360 degree views at any time you want, plus they are a lot of fun when you are travelling at 60 kilometres an hour close to the water.

Airlie Beach Adventure

I had two guides, Stu and Alex who showed me around the Whitsunday Islands on a very enjoyable day trip.

Beats sitting in a fluorescent prison (that is, the office) all day!

My Seadoo Jet Ski Tours Interview with Stu and Alex

I had a very light hearted chat with Stu and Alex about the funnier side of their tours.

Warning: includes mankini references!

There you go. If you like combining speed and water,  try out a Jet Ski Tour, they’re loads of fun!

Oh and Seadoo rhymes with spew.. sometimes.. ;P

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  1. February 6, 2014    

    Hey Anthony,
    I have read a lot about Great Barrier Reef and I have seen many of the pics. It is such a lovely place and I so wanna make it.
    Ski is always an amazing experience, however not very sure how dangerous it is in GBF..:)

    Nice blog for fun loving people. Great work

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