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Ryan Air – 10 Potential Benefits of Standing Up On Their Planes

Ryan Air Cheap Flights and Tickets – Stand Up Please!

Ryan Air.  They’ve been in the news somewhat of late.

Some of you may have come across a survey recently on the Ryan Air Website, where they have been asking customers if they would be happy to stand up on flights of 1 hour duration or less.

Ryan Air Vertical Seating

Once again, this suggestion has been ridiculed as another cost saving measure publicity stunt which makes us wonder if Ryan Air might start charging for optional extras such as wings and jet engines.

Ryan Air has also been copping a bit of stick for wanting to charge customers to use the toilet on a ‘Number 1 or Number 2’ basis.  Too bad if you’ve had a dodgy curry the night before – the trips to the toilet may cost more than the actual air fare itself! This makes me think that Ryan Air would need this funny Pay Toilet Sign Wall Plaque.

Ryan Air Standing Up Survey

Anyway, the Ryan Air ‘Standing Up Survey’ introduction says ‘Ryanair, the World’s favourite airline, today (9th July) launched an online poll to ask if  passengers would ‘stand’ on short flights if it meant they could travel for FREE, or pay 50% less than seated passengers. Ryanair is gauging passenger demand for its ‘vertical seating’ which will allow passengers to travel – for free – in a secure upright position on short flights of approximately one hour.’

I had a look at the survey of only 3 questions – If you really want to, you can take the survey at the Ryan Air website.

To be fair, I’ve thought a bit laterally and come up with some potential advantages of the ‘Standing Up On A Plane’ theory to help Ryan Air with their marketing of this unique idea.

So here they are: The Top 10 Potential Benefits of Standing Up On A Plane:

  1. The risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis is virtually eliminated.
  2. You can do a great Hannibal Lector impression if you wear your gimp mask on board.  Double points for saying ‘I would like some liver washed down with an Italian chianti’.
  3. You can stretch out your arms horizontally and yell out ‘I am the Messiah!’  This would be even more effective if you have a beard.
  4. If the plane does actually crash, you won’t ever have to move into the brace position.
  5. The chance of spilling your dodgy airplane food on your lap has been significantly reduced.
  6. There’s no way that the annoying kid behind you will ever kick you in the back again.
  7. You can gain an appreciation of how it feels to be ‘secured’ in a mental asylum.
  8. You might get some great ideas for the bedroom from being strapped into your ‘seat’.
  9. If the plane does crash, you could watch the Domino Effect of people toppling over the next person. And finally:
  10. If the plane is hijacked, the hijackers can’t say ‘Stay In Your Seat!’.

How about you?  Would you rather stand up on a plane if this meant your Ryan Air flight was free or 50% off?

Leave a comment and share your views!

More Ryan Air stuff

I guess these stunts from Ryanair have made the airline successful.  You can read more about the Ryanair story at Ryanair: The Full Story of the Controversial Low-Cost Airline.

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  1. July 23, 2009    

    If it’s a flight within europe why not? I’ve stood on trains and busses for that long. This would be amazing for anyone who’s backpacking through europe since prices are off the roof compared to other places in the world.

  2. July 28, 2009    

    Point 5: Food??? You don’t get that on a Ryanair flight.

    Something else, I read that they are going to charge for toilet use and that’s no joke. They advise passengers to use the airport’s toilets. Don’t know how they’ll charge it though, maybe a friendly lady on a chair next to the toilet?

  3. November 17, 2009    

    Ever since I first saw this I c kept wondering if it was just an elaborate pr stunt. Surely it must be illegal to have passengers who are not wearing restraints? That’s always the logic flight attendants use when disallowing trips to the lavatory before the plane has taken off.

    And another thing…how are they going to know if it’s a number one or a number two? By judging how much lighter the plane got when you flushed?

  4. January 25, 2010    

    I can’t see myself standing there while plane taking off..can anybody? Plus i don’t think the toilet charges are going to work really..unless theres someone sitting beside the lavatory and taking cash for using it…

  5. April 5, 2010    

    I’m heavily supporting low cost air companies because it allow young people to travel with plane. The only point is that you need to book your flight early. that is not problem for them.
    Others can use it if it connect destinations that you are travel to.
    For me thumb up!
    .-= Martin Kovacz´s last blog ..Vimanmek Palace, Bangkok =-.

  6. Daniel Rose Daniel Rose
    August 28, 2010    

    Just read this as it was linked to from your latest post. I find the vertical seating concept an interesting possibility. It doesn’t really need to be “standing” either. Think of those rollercoasters where you hang, legs dangling free. Maybe we can get the worst pilots from other airlines, and cross sell it AS a rollercoaster…

    • August 28, 2010    

      Don’t give them any more ideas!

  7. April 11, 2013    

    I flew with them back in 2000 when I was studying in London. I wondered if I’d have to get out and push the plane for take-off. On an hour-long flight, standing wouldn’t be so bad, but how long would taxiing the runway take prior to the actual flight?

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