Rugby Games – Australia vs Italy Behind The Scenes

Rugby Games – The Social Side.

I like going to sporting events. It’s not necessarily for the actual sport – it’s for the peripheral events that go on around the place. For example, some of the funny fans and characters that get dressed up in different variations of the National colours. Plus going to the pub beforehand to socialise with whoever is there, and this usually includes a bit of beer time after the game. This is pretty much true for any sport, including Rugby Games.

Here is a shot of the crowd for the Australia vs Italy match I attended.

Rugby Union Crowd

Rugby Game Behind The Scenes Video of Australia vs Italy

I put together a quick vid of the ‘Behind The Scenes’ action before going to the Australia vs Italy game at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland on the 11th of September 2011 for the big rugby union tournament there in New Zealand.

I have to refer to this event as the large rugby tournament because I’m not allowed to say the words ‘Cup World Rugby’ in reverse order! šŸ˜‰ Hmm, there’s nothing like commercial agreements to take the fun out of everything. Damn lawyers!

Rugby Games - Australia vs Italy Lineout

Anyway at the game, there were a lot of people cheering for the Italians – that’s because they were probably New Zealanders who didn’t want the Qantas Wallabies winning the match. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy rivalry!

Anyway, check the vid out and have a few laughs! I really like the guy who is wearing a toilet brush on his head. Actually, he was good value and good fun!

More Rugby Stuff

If you’re into some more of the Behind The Scenes Rugby Game Stuff, check outĀ The Funny Book of Rugby.

Disclaimer –Ā TicketsĀ to this to this Australia Versus Italy Rugby Game were kindly provided by Parnell Partners. Thanks for the experience, I enjoyed it!

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