Living and Travelling with Cystic Fibrosis – Meet Emmah Money!

Hi there Travel Tarters out there in internet land. Here’s a rather confronting question for you. If you knew exactly what your lifespan was going to be, how would you live your life? Differently to how you live it now? Well, I recently met one inspirational lady called Emmah Money who is faced with just […]

No Kissing On The Train – Funny Sign from Myanmar!

No smoking. Check. No littering. Check. But No kissing? Check! Well, kissing is just one of the things that aren’t allowed on the Yangon public transport system in Myanmar – and it might land you hot water if you decide to show your significant other some public affection. Anyway, I pilfered this funny travel photo […]

Mobile Banking – Thai Style!

One thing that you need when travelling is money. One way or another, if you don’t have it, you’re travel fun is going to be severely limited! It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling in a third world country where the exchange rate is great – too many beers on the road is going to deplete […]

What’s The Wifi Password? The Funny Coffee Shop!

Ah, here’s one for the travel bloggers out there who are always on the hunt for the next Wi-Fi password so they can post their next social media update! #SelfIndulgent One of the most popular haunts for such digital nomads is the humble coffee shop. This is a location where travel bloggers will try and […]

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