Into The Wild – The Hike or Die Interview with Tom Griffin!

Hi there Travel Tarters, I’ve got an interview today with Tom Griffin (otherwise known as Tom Dog!) who runs the hiking site, Hike or Die. Tom loves hiking up a storm on whatever patch of dirt he can lay his boots on, and has trekked thousands of kilometres in all sorts of places. In fact, […]

Be There! Win Flights For 2 With Emirates To Bologna, Italy! (Australian Residents Only)

This giveaway has been completed, thanks for your interest! Today, I’m giving away a MASSIVE PRIZE! Bologna, Italy – Be There with Emirates Well, I’m teaming up with Emirates so I can send two lucky punters from Australia to their latest Italian gateway – Bologna! Anyway, this giveaway is to celebrate the Emirates Be There campaign! This is a global […]

Like Big Fish? There’s An Aquarium for That!

If you’ve been Googling around the place and you’ve stumbled across this article and you’re wondering what the biggest fish in the world is – it’s the Whale Shark. These big fish can grow up to a massive length of 12 metres (about 41 ft) and can often possess a large mouth that’s around 1.5 […]

You know you’ve grown up in Italian Culture when…

One side effect of emigration is that cultures bring their own habits to another part of the world which greatly enrich the new place that they turn up at! Especially when it comes to food! As an example, after World War Two, many people places like Greece and Italy were just sick of the baggage […]

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