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The ‘Okay’ Store! It’s Better Than A Bad One!

Like shopping? Then you might like going to The Okay Store! I went on a trip there thanks to the Solomon Islands Tourist Bureau, and was walking around the second largest city there, Gizo, when I spotted a funny shop name while taking it all in. I like that sort of quirky thing where you […]

In Case of Fire – Break Glass Here For…

In  a place like Australia where you will see fire danger signs everywhere, here’s something that is a bit more light hearted when it comes to fire safety. In pretty much every country that requires every building to meet a fire code, you’re going to probably find a fire hose or fire extinguisher located somewhere […]

The Funny Warning Shot Sign – Because Ammunition Is Too Expensive!

It’s funny sign time again. This one was taken by my friend who has done extensive travel around the Philippines. He has a taste for the offbeat and bizarre like me and he says I can pilfer any of the photos he posts to Facebook about his trip. That’s great because I’ve been on a […]

Travel Packing Tips: 5 of the Funniest Packing Disasters Travelers May Face!

Today I’ve got an article from John Miller about 5 of the Funniest Packing Disasters Travelers May Face! If you’re after some Travel Packing Tips, maybe look away now! I hope he has a tip on how to get your Priapus statue home from Turkey without making border security laugh too much! He’s previously appeared […]

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