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Fiji Village Life – Easy In Some Ways, Harder in Others

Fiji Village Life Throughout my great trip to Fiji, one thing I found quite striking is the cultural importance of Fiji Village Life.  You will undoubtedly pass through numerous villages throughout Fiji when you get out and about, and even meet lots of friendly locals. There is a large difference between where you stay at […]

Places To Stay In Fiji

Places To Stay In Fiji – There’s Heaps! After my week in Fiji, I highly recommend going there.  And that’s not just before I was sent on a trip there. It has something for everyone: for backpackers, young families, and anyone else who is human.  But the best thing about the place, apart from being […]

Cannibal Stories From Fiji

Cannibal Stories – Luckily, not in the present day! Cannibal Stories are something local Fijians like to talk/joke about with visitors.  The first Europeans who came across them described Fijians as fierce warriors and Cannibals (who would love to have you over for dinner!). In fact, Fiji was nicknamed the Cannibal Isles for a long […]

Mud Face Mask – Compulsory in Fiji!

Mud Face Mask – I can hear Paris calling now.. As part of the Rainforest Walk trip, Fiji Eco Tours takes you to a place that has some thermal springs and a mud bath, so you can create your own ‘natural’ clay Mud Face Mask. Basically, someone has dug a hole near the thermal springs for […]

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