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Indoor Skydiving – Wind Tunnel Madness Now on TripAdvisor!

It’s thrill seeking time again! This time, it’s thanks to TripAdvisor – they asked me if I was interested in their TripMaximizer campaign to show off the ‘Things To Do’ part of their enormous website. Yes, another perk of being a Z grade internet celebrity! The TripMaximizer campaign is about highlighting that trips, accommodation and experiences […]

In Case of Fire – Break Glass Here For…

In  a place like Australia where you will see fire danger signs everywhere, here’s something that is a bit more light hearted when it comes to fire safety. In pretty much every country that requires every building to meet a fire code, you’re going to probably find a fire hose or fire extinguisher located somewhere […]

Godfather Movie Parodies – The Codfather!

The Godfather series of movies were one of the most successful movie series of all time. It’s an iconic movie starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and many others which popularised the gangster movie, and gave the rather unfortunate impression that all Italians of Sicilian origin belong to, or are at least related to someone in […]

Cool Things to do in Adelaide and South Australia on a Road Trip!

I’d like to thank Thrifty Car Rental who loaned me a Mitsubishi ASX for a short road trip around South Australia, where I was able to visit all of these places below! Believe me, you need a car to get to all of these locations in a reasonable amount of time. Have a look! I love a […]

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