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Solomon Islands Diving and Snorkelling Photos To Get You Wet!

Here you go, here’s one for the divers out there. And you’ll be relieved there are no farting in a wetsuit jokes involved here! I’m more of a snorkeller than a diver, but from what I could see with a mask and a set of flippers made me want to be a bit more serious […]

The ‘Okay’ Store! It’s Better Than A Bad One!

Like shopping? Then you might like going to The Okay Store! I went on a trip there thanks to the Solomon Islands Tourist Bureau, and was walking around the second largest city there, Gizo, when I spotted a funny shop name while taking it all in. I like that sort of quirky thing where you […]

In Case of Fire – Break Glass Here For…

In  a place like Australia where you will see fire danger signs everywhere, here’s something that is a bit more light hearted when it comes to fire safety. In pretty much every country that requires every building to meet a fire code, you’re going to probably find a fire hose or fire extinguisher located somewhere […]

5 WEIRD Foods You Must Try in New Zealand!

Today I’ve got a post from Henry who runs a quirky YouTube Channel about life in New Zealand. Have a look at him poking fun about the country that’s located the furthermost distance way from anywhere else on the planet. He was direct and honest and wanted me to pimp it out on this website […]

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