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How To Leave The United States! The Very, Silly Version!

Howdy random people out there in Internet Land! In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, there seems to be a lot of people looking for information on how to leave the United States for somewhere else. That’s right, large swathes of the country feel like they’re trapped in their own real life version of […]

Unusual Haunted Houses and Places to Visit This Halloween

Halloween is coming up! Which means that’s a good excuse for everyone to dress up as something scary. Even something more scary than these Halloween Cakes! Today I’ve got a post  from Kacey Mya about the more offbeat haunted houses and places you can visit during this upcoming Halloween period in the United States. Kacey is […]

Chicken Bones – on the KFC Menu!

Here we go, this is a silly random post about chicken bones and the bizarre arrangements you can come up with if you’re looking for a good excuse to pass the time! Ahhh, familiarity with the things from home! One of the best things about travelling to different places is to get stuck into the […]

Group Travel Horror Stories. A Remake of Deliverance?

Today, I’ve got a funny (scary?) travel story from Blair Nicole about group travel where things can go really wrong! Well, when you decide to stray from your group! Think twice about trying to bum a free ride from someone! Here it is! Group Travel – When It Really Stuffs Up! Thinking of traveling to […]

Halloween Cakes! So Freaky, You Don’t Want To Eat Them!

Happy Halloween! It’s October 31 and it’s time for kids all around the world to door knock at every strangers house to say trick or treat so that dentists will be rubbing their hands the next year once all those cavities burn a hole through a lot of teeth and parent’s pockets! This event has […]

Love Potatoes? Then Send Your Friend a Spud!

Today, I’ve got something a bit different on the travel front. Other travel blogs talk about people travelling. But this silly article is going to yak about food travelling around the place. It’s about the humble potato. The world’s fourth largest food crop. This unassuming tuber that originated in the Andes has now become a […]

Drag Race – with Drag Queens!

Today I have an article from Bryan Richards about the Great Conch Republic Drag Race in Key West, Florida. This isn’t exactly a race involving high octane performance from souped up cars! It’s about an experience Bryan’s dad seemed to enjoy on a visit to Key West! Bryan runs The Wandering Gourmand, which is a travel […]

Waste Management Services – Funny Guarantee Sign!

There’s nothing like a business that is so confident with how well they run the show, that they’re willing to give back double what you asked for if you’re not satisfied with the product or service for whatever reason that might be. That’s an awesome promise for unscrupulous types who are looking for any excuse […]

Asimo Robot by Honda – has probably travelled more than you!

Asimo is a cool humanoid robot that is able to conduct a lot of human-like movements that makes you almost think there is a pint sized human inside him taking the piss out of all of us. Well, that’s what used to happen in the old days when robots where characters in TV shows! Unlike […]

Percussion Instruments – The Plastic Drum Kit!

I’ve seen all sorts of street buskers in my travels around the world – some of the more weird ones include the people dressed up as all sorts of famous people in La Rambla, in Barcelona, Spain. Like the internet, busking is a numbers game. If you perform in a place with thousands of people […]

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