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How To Advertise Beer and Travel Without Being In Your Face!

Corona Extra presents Someplace Else Here is one for the Beer Index, which is my shonky list of the cost of travelling in the places I’ve been to based on the price of beer per litre. Anyway, this is in regards of the clever Someplace Else campaign which has been released by Corona Extra. I like how […]

Filming Techniques – The Kiddie’s Outdoor Pool + Win a Trip to Mexico

Today I’ve got a funny travel photo from Dennis who runs Paradise Hunter. This is a television program where a presenter (often selected after an online competition) travels around the place to find their piece of paradise to live. However, producing such a program often requires a number of unique and unusual Filming Techniques to make sure ‘that […]

US Border Patrol – Border Crossings Done The Hard Way

US Border Patrol Stories! A while ago, I received a email regarding the US Border Control intercepting a car at the Mexican border. It’s about how a woman was being smuggled across the Border Crossing, hidden behind the dashboard of a car. The photos were dated in 2001. The email alleges that when a US […]

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