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Love Scenes – Forbidden and Banned in Costa Rica

Love Scenes Forbidden and Banned in Costa Rica

Love Scenes – not Bollywood Style… From the Bizarre Travel Signs archive – this weeks Funny Travel Photo is from Annabel Candy from Get In The Hot Spot – it’s of strange sign she spotted in Costa Rica. This sign translates to: ‘Love Scenes are Prohibited’. Sounds like this was borrowed from a Bollywood Movie!, […]

Twitter Contests for Travel – Contestant Types

Twitter Contests Explained Since Twitter has exploded, there seems to be an exponential increase in Twitter Contests for Travel around the place. There doesn’t seem to be day where someone is offering a giveaway if you tweet this or that.  Hey, I’ve even had a few giveaways here on The Travel Tart, such as the odd Travel […]

Nomadic Matt, Bruce Poon Tip and The Travel Tart – A Travel Addict Menage A Trois!

Woo hoo! Nomadic Matt has been colluding with Bruce Poon Tip from Gap Adventures to give away a trip to Costa Rica. The link to the original announcement is here. Since I’m an insatiable Travel Addict like Nomadic Matt, I’m putting my hand up for this awesome sounding trip, with this blog post being my […]

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